Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dean Butler Might Need An Acceptance Speech

I'll be flying my nerd-flag today to mark the five year anniversary of the place we call The Vortex. If you look at the early posts, it's all navel-gazing and writing philosophy and deep thoughts worthy of Jack Handy. Now, it's delivered straight up, sometimes over the rocks. Who doesn't love graphs?

Okay, so the first year I didn't keep stats. I was too busy over thinking metaphors. Label the red box whatever you wish: an oops hit, an I-thought-this-was-the-Kiwi-L.A. Mitchell, someone looking for Fabio's music tracks.  Which leads me to my next statistic. You didn't think that was all, did you? Since it's awards season, let's strap on our Joan Rivers and announce the most over-Googled keywords during these five years:

Fifth place:




I'm not kidding. Wish I was. Maybe he should be a Vortex member. I'll get on that.
My feedburner stats, while equally impressive and rather like a gradually alarming slope in Ireland would not be nearly as much fun as this one:

Vortexers rock. Thanks for five fun years.


the walking man said...

Dean Butler...seriously? All of your posts i have read and i still don't know who Dean Butler is. I would Google him but then I'd wind up back here and be no wiser.

Pamela Cayne said...

Ah, yes--I remember Dean Butler fondly. Never floated my Little House boat, but Manly was part of the scene. Why he keeps showing up here is a true WTF, but yet another reason I adore you so.

the walking man said...

Are you angry with me?

L.A. Mitchell said...

@WM...angry? Because Dean Butler doesn't know I exist? Maybe a tad ;) So true that if you googled him you might end up right back here in some whacked-out Butler cycle from whence you would never be free. So I shall lay it out for you...he was Laura Ingall's love interest and eventual husband on Little House on the Prairie. The goober-ish photo is from his wooing days when she started calling him "Manly." I'm totally including a link next post so you can behold the awesomeness of Manly :)

@Pam...I know, right? Why can't I be the go-to girl for someone less...oh, I don't goofy cousin?