Thursday, February 9, 2012

Naked Awesome Cellists

Can I express to you with any degree of accuracy how much I despise Blogger bullying me into using a different browser? But I digress...

Today is a naked-awesome kind of day. Why? Edits are still going amazing, thus the long snooze between posts. Most days I hit my daily goal and don't want to leave my story world, so I don't. I changed the title from Chasing Midnight, which is so Romancelandia-sounding, so tired, so years ago, to Six. At least Six is the working title. There is so much symbolism surrounding that number in the story, including the six o'clock hour which is the fulcrum point for time reversal each day. I can also see Six in ginormous typeface on a cover, can't you? Sounds more mainstream thriller.

The best part of today's naked-awesomeness is the discovery of a group of classically-trained Finnish Cellists who rose to fame playing Metallica tunes entirely on strings. How--you're asking, I know--did I find such a group? I was searching for one of those nebulous words and reached out into the ether of the internet in the hope that the Google-Search-anticipator-machine could help me land just the right word. I was in a high-octane scene and needed a visceral response for this guy's heart, so I was thinking apoplexic, apopelectic...oh get the idea. Google landed me on Apocalyptica. I'm very much old-school Metallica, so I have a special affinity for the end of their version of Master of Puppets. Who cares if it's like heavy-metal-muzak? There's something beyond awesome about a half-naked, long-haired guy who looks like he could kick your arse and beat you at the Mozart category on Jeopardy (1:50).


Charles Gramlich said...

Their music is pretty cool. Their state of dishabille not so much. :)

Marilyn Brant said...

Okay, now you've got me curious about these cellists -- I'll have to listen to them ;). And I like the title change. SIX sounds very intriguing. Glad your edits are going so well!

Sherry Isaac said...

Isn't it every woman's fantasy to be serenaded? Who better to serenade you than a nekked man skilled in the proper use of his instrument?

WOOT! I'll end my comment there, lest you be required, LaLa, to put up a 'mature content' warning! LOL

(Hey, I do write romance)

Must say, LOVE the new title. The working title WORKS!

Gloria Richard said...

I'm on WOOTERS side of your new working title, LaLa. Yes. I know. Sherry coined the name. I love it so much I adopted it, too.

Sherry she sent me over here to peek at the naked cellists. She did NOT tell me they were "G" rated due to the instruments covering vital TF (Testosterone Factor) parts.

I'm a Yahoo Groupie of yours now. Woot! I'll know when you post.

Robin Bielman said...

I can most definitely see SIX on the cover of a book - it sounds very intriguing. Best wishes as you continue editing!

L.A. Mitchell said..., Charles. You leave the hottie test to the experts.

@Marilyn...girl, they're not BonJovi, but I think you'll be impressed ;)

@Sherry...I think you missed the last ferry to Romancelandia :)

@Gloria...I could always use more groupies. We have so much fun here.

@Robin...thanks. I'm thinking large metallic letters, myself.