Monday, February 27, 2012

Where Time Travel and Heavy Metal Hair Meet

Imagine my delight when I found nine new friends who authored nine cross-genre books related to time travel who want to plan a promo day to celebrate where time travel stories and Albert Einstein's birthday intersect. Look for that spaztastic celebration in mid-March. Until then, I have some yummy Vortex nuggets for you.

Have you heard about the upcoming NBC show Awake? It's about a detective (played by Jason Isaacs of Harry Potter fame) who wakes from a coma following a tragic car accident only to realize two parallel and dueling realities are playing out: one where his wife died in the accident, one where his son died instead. Add to this two distinct jobs with two different partners and mysteries surrounding the accident that make no sense and you can imagine the dramatic potential for this character. If you can't wait until Thursday, fear not. You may sneak a peek at the pilot episode in its entirety here. Sadly, he doesn't wear the luscious locks of Lucius in this one. Couldn't let that alliteration by, could I?

The first local I encountered on Thriller Island was Ted Dekker. I heard so much about him, I chose one of his recent releases, The Priest's Graveyard to explore the confounding line between the Christian and Thriller markets. Oops. I adore this author's voice and love the story so far, but looking back, it wasn't the smartest choice. Dekker's earlier works are the only ones firmly in the Christian market camp and he has clearly found his niche in the mainstream. It is an important read for me. My next series is firmly rooted in the same overarching themes of good and evil and spirituality Dekker embraces.

Like the new blog digs? I'm resisting the pull of a website overhaul. Must. Write. Until. Published. Thought this would satisfy for now.

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