Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Notorious Time Travelers Caught in Photos

Long before an old lady with a hearing device walked through Charlie Chaplain's movie, there have been buzz-worthy sightings of unexplained, modern-esque people appearing in old photos. Remember the 1940's South Fork Bridge post we went all Vortex on back in April? If that one whet your appetite to fantasize about time travel, try these:

From Bucknell University's history department. Check out the boy near the middle of this photo labeled Young Boys in Gettysburg. Some believe his clothes look a little too modern.

What about the guy sporting a Mohawk at left center in this undated photo? He does look a little lost.

With more photoshop savvy than I possess, even I could become a time traveler. Anyone who wants to volunteer for such a task would be full of such awesomeness, I'd have to reward the effort with a gift card of equal awesomeness. Even if it's bad, it would be oh, so good.

What's your take on the boy and the Mohawk guy?


Charles Gramlich said...

Yeah, gotta wonder about the doctoring of photos.

Caryn said...

I know. I wondered if they were doctored, too. With new technology comes skepticism. :-D Still, that doesn't necessarily rule out time travel. Who's to say what we can/will discover?

L.A. Mitchell said...

@Charles & Caryn-I also think the photograph's quality, or lack thereof, has a huge impact on what we see. Our minds fill in the rest based on our expectations and experiences.

Time travel is much more fun to think about, though :)

Brad said...

Could you provide smaller less detailed photos?