Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This Vortex Experiment Has Nothing To Do With Time Travel. I Promise.

Since landing on Thriller Island last year, I haven't been the best at assimilating. There are locals wearing loincloths and chain mail--though not necessarily at the same time (historical thrillers), locals toting Bibles (Christian thrillers), locals with Indy hats eating bugs (action-adventure thrillers), locals stockpiling for bad weather and the apocalypse (disaster thrillers), locals cursing the awful satellite reception (techno thrillers) and locals packing heat and going all Gube hunting killers (crime/serial killer thriller). Have I missed any? Oh, yeah. The hot guy on the beach-side. He's a defector from Romancelandia (romantic thrillers). He resembles Matthew Goode, so we won't send him back.
Have I spoken to any of these locals? Found out what makes them tick? Not so much. I set up a time travel camp Sawyer-style with the books I already adore, put on my nerd glasses and wrote. I've said hello to a few of the psych locals but that's it. Today that all changes. I've added to my super-rigid goal list one local per week. I'll introduce myself and see where it leads. If any Vortexers have suggestions for exactly which locals I should talk to because they are wicked awesome examples of their thriller niche, do tell.

Friday, we're starting an experiment at The Vortex. We're putting the 21 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic article to the test. Why? Well, I figured the five year mark deserved something new. I'll divulge our starting line and we'll see where we end up. I'm fearful this means wading into Facebook waters, but I guess I can't be a holdout forever. Each Friday, we'll test another principle and see where it leads us. Join us with your blog, if you wish. I'll be generous with the link-backs if you do. And what would a Vortex series be without a delicious name? Suggestions in the comments, please.

See you Friday!


the walking man said...

Disaster thrillers for sure, they are the nicest of people.

Charles Gramlich said...

Facebook waters. I'm in there. Throw me a floaty as you go by.