Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Novel's Migration - The Official Thread

As promised, this is the space devoted to Joyce Maynard 's book Labor Day; and more specifically, the novel's migration from its humble beginning in my possession. I hope you'll stay to read the comments of those who had the novel before you and add your location and thoughts on the book. It's an experiment that can only happen with your help. Be sure to return often to see what happened to the book after it left you.
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L.A. Mitchell said...

This was my first Joyce Maynard novel, but it won't be my last. Drawn with a beautiful poignancy and evocative, unforgettable characters, she explores the human condition in a masterful way. It's the perfect book to end the summer, and I'm so excited to send it out into the world and share it.

Todd Wheeler said...

I enjoyed reading the book, coincidentally over Labor Day weekend!

I like that the author did not go for easy solutions. The characters are made to really work at their conflicts.