Friday, December 31, 2010

Thirteen Kisses

Today I was sitting next to an extraordinarily loud woman who claimed total disgust at some hi-definition screen kiss. Truly, the actors' lips were the size of baseballs, affording us ample lip-real estate to evaluate the smooch.

"It looks like they're eating each other!" said loud woman.

"We don't know the context. It's just a preview," I said.

"Maybe it's about cannibalism."


Mostly this just made me think of the Seven Midnights of Kisses we celebrated here at the Vortex two years back. Seven days for each of us to find the type of kiss that makes our toes curl. Some of them were sweet, some funny, most iconic in their own way. If you weren't with us then, or wish to relive the fun for New Years Eve, here they are:

Midnight 1 Midnight 2 Midnight 3 Midnight 4
Midnight 5 Midnight 6 Midnight 7

Two years is a long time. We've covered so much kissing ground since! Who can forget

the hairy-chested Christopher Plummer kiss?
the world's thirstiest gerbil kiss?
my first kiss-ugh.
Robert Doisneau's The Kiss?
Elvis's Wild kiss?

With all this kissing, you'd think we barely had time to squeeze in Fabio, time travel and nineteen MacGyver references. (You know you want to follow the Fabio link again. What's better than a laaaaahve attack on New Year's Eve? You're welcome.)

My favorite kisses, though, are the ones you have yet to read. It is my fervent hope we'll add at least one to next year's list: the published kiss.

Happy New Year, everyone!


the walking man said...

I changed from my writing hat to my personal lucky hat before I commented to help you ensure you get the kiss you want.

If you just want an easier kiss from a fat hairy bearded man then I'm your guy but then I think that hat change will get you closer to what you really want.

May the coming year fill at least half your dreams and all of your hopes Laura.

Charles Gramlich said...

maybe it's about cannabilism. That's a pretty good one, though. YOu have to admit.

Robin said...

Happy New Year! And I bet we *will* be seeing - or rather reading - about that kiss next year! Mwah!

Todd Wheeler said...

Happy New Year L.A.!