Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bless Me Father, For I Am Scattered

It's one of those scattered days where I could toss a dozen cohesive blog topics at the wall and none would stick. A symptom, I suppose, of several things: a recent jaunt through the Vortex's keyword analysis (always an amusing past time); a wayward false start this morning on the subject of hot priests (don't ask) but YUM; and a restlessness to accomplish something this time of year (as in clearing out my brower's bookmarks so I can actually find something useful). So much to share, so little time.

Thankyouverymuch, email inbox announcement, but I really don't think I need to take the author branding course in January. From the keyword analysis, people in the past three months have googled seeking

Lincoln's love letters, Jason O'Mara, the writer's fork, Romancelandia, timeslips, Vortex traveler, Concord Vortex Massachusetts (Holy Revolution, I missed a vortex in Concord???), Joaquin Phoenix, jaho, native american word, the sixth sense unreliable narrator, lederhosen physics, burlesque painting, red velvet hot cocoa salem ma, doppelgangers, haunted swing, a wrinkle in time, weird barbie dolls, mysterious man in a phone booth, 37 separate inquiries referring to time travel or time traveler in photo

and come here. If author branding is essentially the collective sum of all things out there, I'd say these sum it up nicely. With a few exceptions, of course. My heroes never wear lederhosen.

Lest you think I'd let a primo link go to waste, I offer up the 2011 calendario romano. Twelve months of holy-cow-what-a-waste! priests of Rome. Oh, and a teaser for 2012.

Speaking of calendars, graphic designer Alex Griendling created a 2011 Time Travel Calendar filled with 95 references to time travel in pop culture in one timeline. From Back to the Future to Lost, he covered it all. I'd wish him success with sales, but he's almost sold out his third printing. Find it at alexlikesdesigns.

When we look up at the night sky, we are essentially traveling in time because of the years it takes for a star's light to reach us on Earth, right? The new Google Sky Map application takes it one step further. Download it and you can find out what the night sky looked like on the day you were born, or-say-the day Fabio was bitch-slapped by a goose on a roller coaster, or even a year from now when NBC will replace some great time travel drama with Shotputting With the Stars.

And for the bibliophile whose space is at a premium, Levitate Architects of London offers this solution

complete with a skylight in the loft bedroom above so each step is a reading nook. Awesome.

Scattered, yes, but my favorites condensed to a manageable list, so all was worth it.

Last movie seen: Hitchcock's I Confess (thus the beautiful Monty)

What was the latest bookmark you added to your browser?


Jen FitzGerald said...

That picture of the priest was pretty suggestive--if your mind runs that way, which mine doesn't. Don't they vet those images? Oh my goodness.

Love the bookshelf stairs. Completely awesome.

As for the last bookmark...a "last author standing" community at LiveJournal. :)

dcrelief said...

Scattered, covered, and somthered, and very funny!
Last browser bookmark: "Enterprise Mission".

L.A. Mitchell said...

@Jen-from what I understand, these calendars are sold outside the Vatican in the marketplaces (and now, thank you internet) Maybe the priests gave permission in exchange for charity. Sounds like an interesting bookmark--are you the last one standing? :)

@dcrelief-I'm glad my complete incoherence made you smile :)

Charles Gramlich said...

I think you lost me at Hot Priests. I could only think of Father Joseph, the priest I was alter boy for. Not exactly a studmuffin.