Saturday, January 3, 2009

Third Midnight: The Rain-Soaked Kiss

Today's edition of Seven Kisses of Midnight takes on a battle of the rainstorm smooches. Rain has long been used in literature and film during intimate scenes as a metaphor for cleansing and rebirth into a new, shared life. So much that perhaps it has become cliche, but who doesn't love watching someone get drenched and lucky at the same time?

Would that I could, I'd whip out my John Madden electronic pen and BOOM...break each of these down for you with exaggerated arcs and Xs and Os until one stood triumphant. For now, I'll just throw out the penalties and let you make the call. And yes, I have been gorging on too much football.

Rain Kiss #1: Breakfast at Tiffany's

2:18 and 4:25 Requisite Gaping Mouth in the Rain
2:43-3:40 Almost an entire minute where he fails to assist her in locating "cat". Yes, he stands there in his Rick-Astley-flasher-overcoat looking handsome, but there should be a penalty for his inertness. Like a right hook from the squished cat, who happens to be penalty #3: full body contact interference due to feline.

Rain Kiss #2: The Notebook

0:32 Requisite Gaping Mouth in the Rain
0:05 Positive yardage for the costume designers capitalizing on the inherent sexiness of a soaked white shirt, which is then negated by the shorts beneath Rachel McAdam's dress at 0:06
0:22 Just in case she's mathematically challenged, he takes the opportunity to expound on the three hundred sixty five day reference. Penalty for the writers insulting her intelligence and the audience's just before the kiss.

It's your call: Which is the better rain-soaked kiss scene?


Vesper said...

I much enjoy this series, L.A. :-)
I watched both videos without sound, only reading your comments - the second looks more visceral... (they could've left out the 365 days...)

Happy New Year! May what you really want come your way.

Barbara Martin said...

I like the Breakfast at Tiffany's kiss better because there are two males: George Peppard and the poor marmelade cat.

In the other video mentioning the 365 days is purely a guy thing. They think like that.

the walking man said...

Uhhhh I'd like to answer the question but I got hung up in the first presentation when they both ran away from the cab without paying the fare. I don't think the cabbie would have thought much of the rain drenched kiss with him having to chase them down for his rain soaked dough.

Charles Gramlich said...

Rain itself is sexy.

L.A. Mitchell said...

Vesper...I think I'm partial to The Notebook one, too, though her open-surprised mouth reminds me of a certain relative fisting a handful of popcorn in his

Barbara...Two men in a kissing scene indeed ;)

Walking nice of you to stop by. You're right, an angry cabbie would have ruined the scene. Good catch :)

Charles...because of the necessity afterward to dry out the clothes. Amen.

Miladysa said...

Ditto Charles.

Give me rain and kisses any day :D

I have problems playing you tube videos - sorry :(