Monday, January 5, 2009

Fifth Midnight: The Ghost Kiss

Okay, so he's not a ghost yet.

According to a recent Blockbuster Video poll, Ghost's pottery scene kiss was voted the most romantic of all time. Yes, it is a Soundtrack Kiss, but it's also a veritable treasure chest of phallic symbols and absent dialogue that makes this kiss a delight to ad lib.

0:11 Sam: Oh, Molly, that is sooo G.I. Jane.
0:14 Molly: Either you licked my fingers or the magic hand sanitizer fairy slipped in through the window.
0:21 Sam: I'm one spin away from igniting this sheet on the lamp, but passion knows no fire safety. Did you know I was a dancer?
0:52 Molly: With a stomach like that, I can almost forget you look like that guy from that awful movie, Roadhouse.
1:10 Molly: I'm opening my mouth, but there's no rain.
1:20 Sam: I perfected this sway. I call it the Johnny Castle sway.
1:41 Sam: Did you get pottery goo in my hair? My coiffure looks like Liberace in silhouette.

Ad lib, ad nauseum, Vortex readers...


Barbara Martin said...

That's another favourite of mine with Unchained Melody. Loved that movie. Watched it over Christmas. Sigh.

Marilyn Brant said...

LOL. I hadn't seen this in a long while, but your play-by-play commentary brought all those unspoken lines right back, with a new favorite (your 0:21 addition :). Thanks!

Miladysa said...

I liked the film but didn't *LOVE* it.