Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Atom Smashers, Time Travel and the Magic of Twelve

Happy atom-smasher day to you! Should the earth cave in on itself in a massive black hole of destruction and alternate universes and time travel become accessable, I'll be there. Come find me. Or, I'll be clipping away at the end pages of my novel. Either way, my mental bookmark will be here:

PhonographCylinder, a video creator, edits pieces of historical footage together to create a spectacular sense of time travel. This footage is from the late nineteenth century, a time of huge leaps in motion photography and a few years beyond the past setting of my novel. Pure inspiration to hang my final scenes on. Check out his other historical subjects, from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake to the 1900 Paris World's Fair.

Remember the September 16th time travel invitation? As the deadline approaches, I'm sad to say that while the Day's Inn is still serving complimentary coffee, the invitation has been revoked. Either the movement went underground, the interviews didn't net any potential candidates or the leader checked into someplace with worse conditions than stains on the mattress and Bob Ross-style paintings. Alas, I cannot even rekindle the moment, as the presentation has been removed from YouTube. For all disappointed Vortex readers, I offer up a challenge...

Chad Darnell's project: 12 of 12. It's a viral photo sharing project-12 images on the 12th day of every month. Link to August's 12 of 12 and the rules:


2) After you post your pictures onto a webpage of your choice (Livejournal, typepad, MySpace, Flickr, etc...) please post the TIME, LOCATION, and A SMALL COMMENT in the pic.

3) You own the rights to all of your pictures. The idea "12 of 12" is mine. While credit is not necessary, please don't credit someone else with the idea.

4) The original concept was at least one body part in the picture. That idea was slowly faded away. The important part is that it are 12 pics.

5) When referring to the project, please refer to it as "12 OF 12" - not "12 ON 12."

6) Once completed, please e-mail or post the PERMALINK of the post AND the city and stateand country of WHERE THE PICTURES WERE TAKEN. (If you are on vacation, it's where the pics were taken.) or city

(The permalink is the link to the ENTRY of your page. If you just send me your website, I have to track it down. By listing the permalink, it helps for people to go back and view your previous 12 of 12 entries from previous months.)

ANYONE is welcome to join in, even if you've never done it before! I hope you will.


I'll be joining in this Friday the 12th and hope you will, too. Until then, know I appreciate each one of you, faithful and occasional, visitors. Thank you for sharing part of your day with me here.


Marilyn Brant said...

I'll be sure to check on the site to see the photos on the 12th! Never heard of this project, but I'm intrigued...

And, btw, happy Atom-Smasher Day to you, too, L.A.!

Vwriter said...

Hi L.A.
Don't worry about the atom smasher thing, it will, due to the picayune laws of physics, take several months to ramp up. Even then, as its path takes it across the country lines, each particule will need to have proper customs documentation. If the particules cross too frequently (and, considering the speeds they will be traveling), they will be pulled aside and made to explain to French Immigration authorities, why it is that they are going back and forth across country lines so much. Also, there will be the inevitable delay due to the plans of scientists to have actual collisions. EU insurance considerations are draconian at best. For example, can mesons, electrons, and even quarks get by with No Fault Particule Insurance? Should they only have PL & PD. These are serious considerations. Also many of these particules are underage- since some may be born right before they are put to work running around the magnetic track. The EU also has strict child labor laws. Authorities will have to decide how old, for example, a photon must be before it can be put to work.

So you see, even thought they are starting the machine, there's a lot in play to slow it down!

Sandra Ferguson said...

Hubby and I were completely entertained by the news segment last night and the doom-and-gloom crew who forecasted the end of the world.

Good to know they were wrong -- yet, again!

So thought about you this morning. The CMA announcements were made. Your boy is up for two.

Happy writing.

Todd Wheeler said...

Found this via another blog: the Large Hadron Rap video.

L.A. Mitchell said...

Thank you for bringing this gem over here, Todd :)
I particularly like the suggestiveness of the guy at 3:19.

Marilyn Brant said...

Thanks to Todd for the Large Hadron Rap. Made my day :).