Saturday, September 13, 2008

Half is Good, Right?

Six is hardly twelve, but my camera software went wonky on me last night. For some reason, it hand selected only these, so I'll offer up what I have, riveting as it is.
7:56 Two scenes away from the Black Moment
8:10 Paranoid hardcopy with paperweight. The page in the typewriter mold reads, "Every night in my dreams I see you. I feel you." Very Celine. Ick.
8:16 A perfect game of cat and mouse.
12:38 A metaphor. And clear skies before Ike.
12:41 Is this spray graffiti or the city's attempt to rid the world of bad music one Milli Vanilli relic at a time? 1:20 This guy migrated into my car five years ago, separated from his gift-bearing brothers, changed his name and wedged himself as the perfect sentinel to keep my stereo's remote in place. Edge song: Whitesnake "Still of the Night"

I'll venture a guess that nod of your head doesn't mean "Yes, please resurrect the others!"-more along the lines of "I wasn't asleep. Really."

I came to two conclusions after this 12 of 12 experiment: (1) if images other than the ones in my head filled my day, I'd be a film director or artist, not a writer and (2) life is filled with beautiful, crazy details if we only take the time to notice.


Marilyn Brant said...

Cat and mouse :). Very funny, L.A. Enjoyed the pictures. How are things going for you all in TX today? Thinking of you...

Sandra Ferguson said...

All right, you tease. I'm hooked on this idea. Personally, I love the eclectic look. Why does it seem to fit you? Because you're into time-travel, even if it's from one disconnected (seemingly, but not truly) moment at a time.

Thanks for following the rules on my blog and actually listing some of your favorite E words. I was editing and found the word 'ebb' tucked away. Oh cool, a LA word has invaded my pages. Since I love your writing, I consider this a 'sign' of good things!

Melanie Atkins said...

What? LOL

L.A. Mitchell said...

Marilyn...I'm not even sure the wind rearranged my hair up here, but our southern neighbors could use the prayers.

Sandra...thank you :)

Mel...this is half of a 12 of 12 photo sharing the previous post.