Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time, in Words

I'm still on a wicked self-imposed deadline with little time to dabble in philosophy. So today, I share words about time from those who've come before with far more talent. I thought I might use them someday, weave them into a story, but it's a shame to keep them to myself:

Backward, turn backward, O time in your flight,
Make me a child again, just for tonight.
~Elizabeth Chase Akers "Rock Me to Sleep"

All that really belongs to us is time; even he who has nothing else has that.
~Baltasar Gracian

What is time? The shadow on the dial, the striking of the clock, the running of the sand, day and night, summer and winter, months, years, centuries-these are but arbitrary and outward signs, the measure of Time, not Time itself. Time is the Life of the Soul.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Distant Time

I know not from what distant time
thou art ever coming nearer to meet me.
Thy sun and stars can never keep thee hidden from me for aye.

In many a morning and eve thy footsteps have been heard
and thy messenger has come within my heart and called me in secret.

I know not only why today my life is all astir,
and a feeling of tremulous joy is passing through my heart.

It is as if the time were come to wind up my work,
and I feel in the air a faint smell of thy sweet presence.

~Rabindranath Tagore


Charles Gramlich said...

Lovely. I really like surrealism. That top painting is just gorgeous.

Pam said...

I adore your posts. Thank you.

And good luck with the deadline. *pom pom swish* for you!

Melanie Atkins said...

Cool post. Very timely. LOL

Barbara Martin said...

Thought provoking photos and poetry.

Good luck with your deadline.

I'm quite flattered you have my blog linked, thank you.

L.A. Mitchell said...

Charles...I don't look at surrealist art often because I know the artist is trying to tell me something, but I'm never sure what. This, for instance--he seems to be hoarding time, even becoming a creature of it himself. God help me if this says anything about my fascination with it. I might grow a fruit roll up tail and start scratching for fleas.

Anyone else up for interpreting it? :)

Pam and Barbara...thanks so much for the cheers. I feel a bit spent, so need all the encouragement. And, I adore you both visiting here :)

Sandra Ferguson said...

Go LA, go. Go, LA, go. I'm cheering beside my desk. Wait that's all the time I have because I'm pushing on the deadline with you. Here's to typing THE END.

L.A. Mitchell said...

I'm thinking a celebratory margarita, salted rim, with photos for the blog!! I'm pulling for you, too, Sandra :)