Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day Six

I believe artists, no matter what avenue, are time travelers. How else to explain three missed hours while diving into the world, the lines, the melodies we create? What happened to the rest of the world in that blink?

The only thing I know happened in that blink for sure was (1)good triumphed over evil, (2)worthy people faced down their inner demons and (3)love could no longer wait. I'm sure stocks fell, political candidates said stupid, insensitive things, and somewhere researchers isolated a necessary gene to screen for a disease. I'm blissfully unaware of it all today. I was time traveling.

I've logged in my share today, so tonight I'm off to a pre-season hockey game, a lone Avalanche fan in a sea of Stars. Arms laden with canned goods for our neighbors on the coast, I can't think of a more perfect way to pre-celebrate The End.


Sandra Ferguson said...

What an awesome count-down. Wish I was there with you. Go, girl go. Enjoy the hockey and a little well-deserved time off.

Rick said...

There's no reason to restrict a celebration to only one night!