Thursday, June 5, 2008

An Invitation

Granted, this one presents with more theatrics than Mullet Man from Craig's List. And no, this is NOT my September opportunity from the tarot deck. I SO wish could take a road trip to California to find out what specimens show up for this one. Here's the meeting spot. I can only imagine the interviews conducted under this "main sign."

"Good, we'll all need them."
"Rorschach test?"
"Yeah, I see Einstein's hair, too. You're in."

1 comment:

K.M. Saint James said...

Where do you find this stuff?

I could spend weeks on Youtube and never encounter the 'cool' things you find. Wait, maybe you're psychic and simply know where to look. Could be!

As for the invitation -- any journey starting off in a garage has promise. Apple Computer started there, after all. Great things happened in the garage in the movie 'Phenomenon', and what about 'Taxi'? I mean all in a garage, so I suppose taking off to travel through time should start in the garage as well. And if take-off is a dud, as long as he has an outside fridge filled with beer, how bad could it be, right?