Monday, March 1, 2010

Cuff Links and Hyperlinks

In celebration of Link Monday, I present: the woman's cuff link.

No longer exclusively for male executives, though I'd reconsider the cat-and-sex-kitten ones for the boardroom. More! Give me more!

On to the happy links:

I'm not a Cosmo girl, but here are some ideas for fun dates on the cheap. The taco one falls flat, but the reverse date is just time travel-ish enough to make it a win for me.

TV Squad wants you to tune into Being Erica because you can appreciate the Canadian twist on romantic comedy and you tire of Lifetime movies, right? I want you to tune in because of guessed it...time travel. Erica Strange is a literary editor and wannabe writer (win already, right?) whose therapy includes revisiting the choices in her life. Try it Wednesday nights on Soapnet.
And while we're on the topic of time travel and television, let's talk dinosaurs. Stephen Spielberg's latest production and directorial offering for Fox is Terra Nova, an upcoming sci-fi drama about a family one hundred years in the future who returns to prehistoric times. Rumor has it that the production quality and special effects are so spectacular, the series will get a green light before a pilot is made and keep it, thankfully, clear of Land of the Lost cheese.
The physics fans among us will love watching a water droplet at 2000 frames per second.
Short Fiction Market news:
My first publisher, The Wild Rose Press, is desperate for short romance (anything under 65K). TWRP is first, and foremost, an epublisher, so don't expect your short fiction to reach print, but the company just won Predator and Editor's Best Publisher Award and they're a great company to write for. FMI-Submissions.
Dreams of Decadence, an urban fantasy and paranormal romance-oriented full-size, bi-monthly magazine, is actively seeking fiction (1K-7K) and poetry. Pays 1-7 cents/word for fiction and $5-$10 for poems, depending on the length. FMI-Submissions.
New Love Stories magazine is seeking short, romantic fiction (2700-3800 wds). $300 on publication. Stories must be original, never-before published. FMI-Submissions.
Lastly, the Chase the Dream contest is winding down with the sixth finalist to be announced on Wednesday. If you haven't stopped by to read the other fabulous finalists, do so. Reader voting begins Wednesday, and I'd want you to select mine only if you believe it deserving.
Have a great Monday!


Charles Gramlich said...

Ah, links. So much good stuff to look at every day. And me with this pesky job.

Todd Wheeler said...

Fun and informative, as always L.A.

Sandra Ferguson said...

I could do cuff links. Actually, I think the sex kitten ones would be perfect. After all, I could wear them in the bored room -- ah, wait, you said board room! Well, maybe there's not any difference.

the walking man said...

here you took me from boardroom fashion to a writers best friend--a publisher. Whatta link you are Laura.

Robin said...

I do believe *yours* is the most deserving. :)

Thanks for all the links - cuff and otherwise.

Rick said...

You've got my head spinning with this post.

Regina Richards said...

Thanks for all the great links, Laura.

laughingwolf said...

ooooooooooo neat stuff, lam

as for 'being erica', them damn canuckleheads do some things right... wait a minnit, i'm one of em! :O lol