Monday, March 8, 2010

Come on Morty, Make Up Your Mind

Movie quote, anyone?

You guessed it: Meatballs. Quite possibly the only movie besides Airplane I knew enough dialogue lines to be a stand in had I not been six. I must confess to an early infatuation with Chris Makepeace (Rudy Gerner a.k.a. Rudy the Rabbit). Mostly now, I just adore Bill Murray. So why the camp lead in?

I'm headed to camp this morning, tasked with being one of the responsible ones: bug slayer, orienteering master, campfire storyteller. No underwear up the flagpole. No de-panting on the basketball court. No cots moved in the middle of the night. Truthfully, I'm one of the last people you'd want to rely on out in the wilderness. I'm not even sure what poison ivy looks like, but I'm armed with a backpack full of trivial things and enough MacGyver episodes to fake it.

I haven't left you adrift, though. On Wednesday, check back here for the mother-of-all time suck links: The 50 Most Fascinating Wikipedia Entries.

For now, here's a few favorite scenes from Meatballs. Enjoy!


Katie Reus said...

I've never seen Meatballs so I never would have gotten that. Hope you have fun at camp! I'm sure you won't have any problem in the storyteller department. :)

Robin said...

Hey, L.A. ~ my brother was an extra in Meatballs! Yep. He's on screen for all of two seconds. If you blink you miss him.

Have fun at camp!

L.A. Mitchell said...

I had no idea Blogger would eat the right side of the video clip. Sorry about that :O

@Katie...It's a classic, for sure. Campy, but really...isn't that the idea?

@Robin...OMG...that's so awesome. You have to tell me where his two seconds of fame is in the movie.