Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Exercise Your Right To Stand in a Phonebooth

The day has come when all eight finalists for the Chase the Dream Contest have been selected. While I already accomplished the goal I set for myself when entering, I cannot deny that a scholarship to Gotham Writer's Workshop would be more squee-worthy than David Hasselhoff's holiday wishes of good tidings in the form of a publishing contract and a time machine.

Vote for your favorite if you're into the whole democracy thing. If you're not, you still rock in my book for being here.

I know I haven't divulged much about The Chosen One (working title) and it's hard to determine from the thousand word entry, but it's the first in a four-book series about brothers who become rogue time travel agents to find their missing mentally-challenged brother whom people of a dismal future believe is a prophet. Here's a bit more about The Chosen One:

A carny worker discovers the century-old seaside pier where his brother disappeared houses a temporal grid that unleashes a past not his own.

Ex-con Zac Ward served ten years for a crime against his brother he didn't commit. When a never-forgotten summer love returns with the chance to restore that fateful night, he learns there are some things worse than a betrayal of the heart.

Rae Gillem, a temporal double-agent who secrets away children a future government agency deems non-essential, seeks atonement for her father's atrocities by pursuing leads to a mentally-challenged boy that slipped through her protection ten years earlier.

When the powerful forces of humanity collide in the past, Zac and Rae learn the burden of the future cannot rest one one alone.


In celebration of going all-red-phone-booth, even on Gravitar and Twitter, I offer up this hybrid telephone booth-library in Westbury, England. Purchased for one pound and remodeled to accommodate books, music and movies swapped by residents of this Somerset, England village, it is now the world's smallest library.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!


Pamela Cayne said...

Count one vote for the most awesome, the most suck-inable, the most "I want it now!" The Chosen One.

And I had a friend in high school whose family had one of these red phone booths in their family room. Yes, it held the phone. I just couldn't see using that thing on a regular basis, but it looked cool.

Vesper said...

L.A., I just voted for you. I loved the opening fragment and the synopsis. I really hope to be able to read it as a published novel. Best of luck!

And the red phone booth... such a marvel! :-)

Charles Gramlich said...

I like the character names and descriptions. Cool photos of the phone booth bookstore as well.

Robin said...

I voted! For you! :)

Your story sounds soooo good, L.A.! You've got me completely hooked!

L.A. Mitchell said...

@Pamela...were you a cheerleader? LOL. Having one in the living room would be six ways of awesome. Maybe someday in one of those writing cottages--with no working phone, mind you.

@Vesper...thank you!! What a sweetie you are :)

@Charles...thanks for stopping by. I wonder how many horror novels are shelved in there.

@Robin...were you a cheerleader with Pam? Seriously, thank you so much!

Todd Wheeler said...

Best. Library. Ever.

Your series is pretty darn cool as well.

laughingwolf said...

got my vote, lam...

where'd ye get my pic? guy in blue shirt could be my twin, beard and all :O lol

laughingwolf said...

the last pic, i mean...

Rick said...

I agree with Todd- that's the best library ever! And I voted for you to because I think you're the best.

Anonymous said...
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