Sunday, March 28, 2010

Time Carnival Call for Submissions

The tents and rides are going up. Time to get in on the first ever Time Carnival here at The Vortex.

Poetry, fiction, merchandise, articles, essays, random blog posts, links-if it has to do with any aspect of time, we'll set up a space on the midway for you. All day Wednesday, March 31st, The Vortex becomes the entry gate for the carnival's participants. We'll feature a link to your site and a blurb about your entry to entice carnival-goers.

A carnival without prizes is like MacGyver without his pocketwatch, so each Time Carnival contributor will be placed in a drawing for a $15 Amazon gift card. Blog or tweet about the upcoming event (send me a link) and you'll be entered an extra ten times. On the day of the carnival, Vortex commenters will be entered in a drawing for another $15 Amazon gift card.

Submit to the Time Carnival two ways:

1. send a link to your blog and a blurb about your upcoming contribution to

2. submit your contribution via

Blog Carnival submission form - time carnival

Questions? Drop me an email: See you Wednesday!


laughingwolf said...

sounds like a gooder, lam ;)

will post this on my page... :D

laughingwolf said...

k, it's on my blogger page now...

tried to put it on my facebook page, but it's too long, according to their dictates :(

Rick said...

Now this sounds like a lot of fun. I might send something along. How about you?

Megan said...

Hey, neat! Found it on LW's page. Might try and do this!

Regina Richards said...

Sounds fun, but I don't know enough about time travel to blog about it. Enjoy reading you blog about it though.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Hey...great idea. I think the name Time Carnival is magnificent. AND..I think it's a great idea for a short story.

L.A. Mitchell said...

@laughingwolf--thanks :)Guess that's ten extra entries for you, pal.

@Rick--we'd love to have you!

@Megan--Welcome, Megan. So glad you found your way here and I hope you decide to join us :)

@Regina--remember, it doesn't have to be about time travel. It can be about the guy who fixes clocks down the street to a blog post about how you never have time to do what you love. It can be about past, present or future, yesterday, today or tomorrow, etc. Hope you join us :)

@Stewart-thanks! Go forth with the short story idea with my blessing ;)

Me said...

Hmmm...I've never submitted to a carnival before. But I'm sure I could find something on this subject, so will maybe give it a whirl. Cool idea! :)

Subby said...

Found you over @ Megan's place just now but may have something in draft I could use, that's kinda time related...first I've ever heard of this carnival thing, tho'...interesting :)

laughingwolf said...

reposted your notice, along with my entry [dunno how to link, and unsure how their site works :(]

Marilyn Brant said...

L.A., this sounds like such fun! I, personally, can't blog about it tomorrow because I have a GCC tour post that needs to go up in the morning, but I'm happy to mention that you're doing it and include a link to your site. Looking forward to reading all about "time" during your carnival ;).