Monday, November 9, 2009

A Vortex 10 Weekend

Top Ten Things Learned on A Writing Adventure Weekend:

1. Patty Love is not a hamburger joint. The mannequins in whips and proximity to Condoms-to-Go should have been my first clue. But Laura Ingalls does not venture often, nay-ever, to that part of Dallas. So I did what any tourist would do. Take a picture!
Sadly, I was laughing too hard for it to show clearly. Thankfully, it was too blurry to capture any tom-foolery in the silver car and said driver did not pursue us for inadvertently snapping his license plate.

2. Physicists come in all kinds of beautiful, kind packages. Angela, so great to meet you!

3. Margie Lawson was, and is forevermore, my rock star of fiction writing.
4. Bestselling fiction author Harlan Coban has characters with eyeballs that could compete in the Olympic Games.

5. Backloaded power words on the first two pages of my WIP: change, Pier, thrills, beach, gravity, shit-canned, truth, spiked. Can I mine more by changing sentence order? Oh, yeah.

6. A sensible black tote is a black hole that swallows red pens needed for Margie's EDITS system. Dialogue cues be damned!

7. Wine tastes infinitely better when shared with the best critique partners. Evah.
8. Everything in the South is filled with nuts. Including the South, itself.

9. One Big-Gulp, Super-Empowered passage per book. Too much of a Big Gulp is a very bad thing.

10. Sometimes the most dazzling moments are unexpected ones on a two-floor elevator ride.
I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Wednesday, we're tackling what the shows stored in your DVR or Tivo say about you. I have a special sumpthin-sumpthin for anyone here who, before Wednesday, comes closest to accurately guessing how many MacGyver reruns are stored in mine. Guess away...


Robin said...

Hi, L.A.! I'm so glad you had a great weekend! Thanks for sharing pictures!

Let's see, how many MacGyver reruns in your DVR? I know my DVR can't hold *that many* one hour programs, so I'm going to guess lucky number 13.

the walking man said...

Let's see there are a total of 139 episodes of MacGyver guy, you are catching them in re-run syndication and busy but know how to program a TiVo so I say 79.

Your weekend was infinitely less passe than mine. Though I did get out with the girls on Sunday night.

laughingwolf said...

i'll guess 'double nickle' ;) lol

keep on keepin' on, lam :)

Pamela Cayne said...

Thanks for the photos and the (funny) recap. I might have to have a talk with Sandra about taking photos at a sex-toy place, though...

For MacGyver, I'm going to guess 0 because I think you have the entire series on DVD.


Sounds like you had fun. I guess an even dozen (12).

Marilyn Brant said...

What a fabulous conference :). Glad you had such a great time! As for MacGyver reruns, I think Pam the Smartie may have nailed it...but just to play, I'll say 17.

L.A. Mitchell said...

I've been so remiss in commenting. So sorry, everyone :(

Robin - I'm not actually sure how many it holds, but more than that.

WM - I wish! I'd never leave the house. You can imagine my glee to discover the FINAL episode I had never seen. He had a SON! Further proof he was not a gay character.

LW - would that be 10 or 55?

Pamela - That Sandra is a wild one. We have to keep our eye on her ;)

Kelly - Good guess, but more :) So good to see you here.

Marilyn - fabulous guess!!