Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jeeves, Revealed

It occurred to me this past weekend (and thanks to big sis) that the items stored in my DVR represent a perfect cross-section of my personality. I suspect it is that way for everyone who uses this technology. It's true, I have an aversion to commercials. Sometimes I'll start a movie I can't finish; and like a debutante commanding a servant, I'll declare, "Finish recording this, Jeeves!" and he does. But most likely of all, I hoard things I adore and want to revisit like a Christmas memory. With as much flourish as I can muster, here's my list:

Project Runway - 1 episode
I'm not much into reality shows or fashion, which makes this all the more surprising, but I do liken it to writing-having to create something from inspiration.

Flash Forward - 1 episode
Need I say more? Really.

Ghost Hunters - 20 episodes
I'm pretty sure I've seen them all, so these just sit and fester until I can sort through them.

Metal Mania - 3 hours
Because VH-1 thinks the only people who enjoy going down this black leather-studded memory lane are awake at 3 am on a Sunday morning.

Psychic Kids - 2 episodes
Yes, Chip is annoying, but he's armed with a shrink to keep it from derailing into wacky Paranormal State territory.

The Perfect Storm (movie)
Because I've never seen it

It Happened at the World's Fair (Elvis movie)
Because my uber-Elvis-fan mom never saw this one, and I'm saving it for a girls movie night when she visits.

Roustabout (Elvis movie)
Because the universe sent me inspiration for my WIP right around the same time I watched this in an Elvis marathon. Elvis is a bad-boy carny worker. Fancy that. So is my hero.

Keith Urban: Road
Because for the first time in five touring years, I didn't get to see his concert.

Keith Urban: Love
Because, well, who needs an excuse? It's Keith Urban. Yum.

The Thorn Birds - 4 episodes
Because I adore this miniseries and knew a father-what-a-waste in my past. Don't all good little Catholic girls?


MacGyver - 34 episodes
And that makes Marilyn our lucky winner today with a guess of 17. She'll get her choice of an autographed copy of Love, Texas Style or a $5 Starbucks gift card.

Thanks for playing, everyone. Now it's your turn. Tell us what treasures lurk in your DVR.


Charles Gramlich said...

Metal mania AND Keith Urban? You do have many facets.

Gail Fuller said...

Our family doesn't have many shows on our DVR. I wish we had time to watch more. At the moment our must see shows are Castle, Dollhouse, Vampire Diaries and The Ultimate Fighter. Hmm, I never thought about this before, but I wonder if we're obsessed with violence. :) Thanks for the post!

Jen FitzGerald said...

Don't have a DVR, but if I did...BBC's Robin Hood, Glee, and NCIS.

I was thinking you probably had quite a few McGyvers in there!


the walking man said...

The wife recently discovered a local TV station was airing "Lost in Space" episodes so there is a bunch of them there and a bunch of NASA launches and space walks. Other than that I haven't a clue.

WTG Marilyn. I thought an addict would have had a much bigger stash.

Pamela Cayne said...

If you would have had Pop-Up Video on there, I think I would have squee-ed my pants. However, the Elvis movies rate pretty high on my list, too.

Vesper said...

Loved your list, L.A.! :-)

...a bad-boy carny worker... hmmm!

I don't have a DVR, but on my old VCR tapes I still have all The X-Files episodes (I bought the series on DVD in the mean time...), and many episodes of Star Trek - Enterprise, and many of The O.C... I'm not watching them and probably never will again, not in this form anyway, but it's nice to know they are there, like an old treasure...

L.A., there's a little something waiting for you at my blog. :-)

L.A. Mitchell said...

@Charles - You have no idea. Some days it's Godsmack, some Patsy Cline. Depends on the mood :)

@Gail - It *does* make you wonder, doesn't it? I was surprised at how much it really revealed about me, though Little House on the Prairie was missing-which I always watch when it's on. I've heard so much about Castle..I'm going to have to break down and watch some eppies from the beginning. Thanks for stopping by :)

@Jen - You are not living, then! But I'll guess you're getting more done than I am ;)

@walkingman - I'm honestly not sure how many more it can hold. Just know I'm LOVIN the Monday MacGyver marathons on Sleuth. I LOVED Lost in Space when I was little...want me to sing? ;)

@Pamela - I didn't know we were kindred Elvis fans. I'm pretty sure we were separated at birth.

@Vesper - ooohh..Xfiles! That was SO my tv obsession for a decade. I'm headed to your blog right now :)....

Marilyn Brant said...

I won?!! Yay! :) The friends I gave copies of Love, Texas Style to last year very much enjoyed them (and I have my own, of course!), but books trump even I'd love one more, signed by talented author L.A. please!
p.s. I thought of you several times last night as I was watching Keith perform at the CMAs ;).

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