Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not a Gourd in Sight

Cornucopias abound. Okay, maybe not, but I was in Hobby Lobby today selecting a basket to put together for this weekend's North Texas Two Step Writing Conference and have Cornucopias on the brain. Why not here, you ask? Splendid idea.

Yay for me today that I won a free copy of fellow Wild Rose Press author P.L. Parker's short romance, Heart of the Sorcerer. P.L. has been on my authors-to-watch radar since I learned she adores time travel romances almost as much as Carl Sagan trapped in a parallel universe of Harlequin-only reads. This one sounds like a treat. Thanks, P.L.!

Have I talked about my adoration for all things Archie McPhee before? Like how I would give Rick a Bigfoot Action Figure for good luck on his hunts or empower Walkingman with an Angry Mob Playset when he witnesses injustices on his home turf? And who doesn't need a Holy Toast Virgin Mary Toast Stamper? Before I face that blinking cursor each morning, I know I could use a miracle. I actually walked into a room about three weeks ago that had this backwards clock, and after five full minutes, decided we could never cohabitate.

And, just to clear out my blog folder, here is a random picture from Milan fashion week, whenever that was. If you ever witnessed my pajama-bottoms-as-writing-attire, you'd know my commitment to fashion lies firmly in the 100%-cotton-with-cute-flying-pigs-on-it realm. If you can possibly tear your eyes from his pec-tacular display to his right hand, maybe you can explain why Italian boxers carry purses--?


Why Theo makes me want to go to confession? Oh wait, the truck and tags around the neck threw me off for a moment.

See? Cornucopia.


the walking man said...

Yeah baby an Angry Mob play set with pitchforks and flaming torches. I'd have that bad boy set worn out in a week.

What is it with the dude in the flame orange pajamas? does he really need a bag that big to carry his overnight stuff to his partners apartment? He never heard of travel light and leave quickly?

And that bottom guy is rather handsome but he needs a real beard and not that little bit of gristle on his chin.

Jen FitzGerald said...

I love cornucopias, too, L.A. Although, I usually use it in word form--it's a synonym of plethora...okay, word geek coming through.

Does the fact that you're supplying a basket mean you're actually coming to the Two-Step?? I hope so!

The bottom guy is a cutie--a set of dog tags will get me every time.

Charles Gramlich said...

I was following right along until we got to the softcore guy porn. :)

Pamela Cayne said...

So from Hobby Lobby to Archie McPhee to studmuffins? I would worry, but have those same kind of brain jumps too often to throw stones. Have a fabulous conference!