Monday, November 2, 2009

Time Travel is Like Laser Chest-Hair Removal and a Chisel in One

If I were a gomer, which I am, I would get totally geeked out about this juicy bit of science news. If you're a gomer, read on and we'll pretend the future of our planet depends on our collective knowledge.

Remember these scientists of Large Hadron Collider fame? Well, it seems we're a year down the road of their supposed breakthrough discovery and the CERN dancers in white labcoats aren't bringing on the funk so much anymore. Yes, they did warn of the possibility of some unfortunate repercussions-aside from their noxious dancing-when the LHC powered up for only nine days last September, not the least of which is time travel.

Now, some physicists are theorizing that the problematic collider is being prevented by its own future. The theory is that the reaction scientists are hoping to create with the LHC is so damaging to nature that it will ripple back through time to prevent the Collider's inception. Like a Collider skate punk going back to snuff out Gramps Collider.

If this idea has you amped up, you can read more about these "otherwise distinguished" scientists staking their sanity and reputation on something so whacked out that I might write them into a novel. Only one would be dark, moody and bare-chested with a tattoo of the future and the other would be a slightly more agile, kick-ass version of me.
So the me that is me couldn't leave well enough alone. . .
Mr. Nielson and Mr. Ninomiya, you are my rock stars.

Got the dark hair right, anyway.


Rick said...

You are very much out of control, and I loved it!

the walking man said...

No You're onto something here the future collider coming back through an anomaly to prevent the present collider from opening up the space/time matrix. This could be the future returning to our present to oppress us some more that we see no future except in our past. The future is odd that way.

Robin said...

So totally loved this post that it took me a while to get through it - loved the video and articles! Kind of wish I were a scientist. (Science I love, math not so much.) I'm with ya, gomer girl.

Miladysa said...

Looks like I'm a gomer too! LOL