Monday, October 29, 2012

#Manly...If You're Out There

Helpful Twitter promotional tidbits for my self-published and traditonally-published Vortex tweeps:

Some useful hashtags:

#FreeKindleBook #freekindle #freebook #free #kindlepromo #freeebooks #IndieKindle #IndiePub #ebooks
Cut and paste into your existing list. Don't have a Twitter reference sheet? What in the name of Dean Butler are you waiting for? I'm sure even Dean has a reference sheet. #LittleHouse, #Manny, and my personal favorite, #Manly
If the D.B. reference escapes you, try these:
I still haven't heard from Mr. Butler. A girl can go all dreamy, can't she?


the walking man said...

This twit just hasn't gotten the tweet bug yet. Probably won't because who picked 143 characters? Add 523 to it and you get 666 so twitter as to be the devil besides I have no desire to bite dean Butlers bottom. what's a hash tag anyway? does it come in a can and you have it with eggs?

Charles Gramlich said...

Vas ist zeez twitter

L.A. Mitchell said...

@WM...Who said anything about biting Dean Butler's tushie? That must have come from your fantastical brain, not mine :)

@Charles...My face exactly. In fact, my next post will be about that very thing.