Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Soft Kitty, Distracted Kitty

Remember this shirt?
I'm wearing it now. Except it's pink. Hot pink. And my arms are less hairy. Seriously, why would a guy pick this shirt out of all the Big Bang Theory shirts out there? Completely emasculating, unless you look like this...

Despite his Zack-like expression, I say, "hoo."

Before we commence more time-foolery, let's catch up on Vortex business. Since my top-secret romance novel hit virtual stores, my newsletter subscriptions have doubled. I was so excited about this development, I drew two names to give away free copies. Trouble is, neither responded to my notification email. I fear the email may have entered the black hole of their spam folders. If you are on the newsletter list, you were automatically entered in the contest. Please check for the winning announcement in your spam folders. Free books await! I'll send out another attempt by Friday if I haven't heard back.
My first book review went live on Monday. I'm knee-deep in a Rebecca-type throwback to the Gothic romance, my fourth book set to review. My suspicions about the depth and breadth of self-published novels have, thus far, proven to be correct. I've read some that made me want to flail myself with a frozen Eggo waffle to stay awake and some that have brought me to my knees, salivating for more, wondering why, for-the-love-of-Suzanne-Collins, wasn't this book picked up for mass distribution and film rights. I have more amazing prospects percolating on the freelance stove, and I'm beginning to worry about my momentum shift.
The money, absent for so long in my literary endeavors, is addicting. Never was this more clear than driving around yesterday, minding traffic (because I'm wicked-rule-follower like that) and Black Lab's This Night played on my Ipod from my novel play list. It hit me like a Stephen King tome to the gut. I was sucker-punched back to the long-ago (well, a few months ago) place where I had left my work-in-progress edits, I couldn't fight the intense sadness in letting my goals stray. I've never been great at keeping multiple pots boiling. I tend to immerse myself a thousand percent in the project at hand, to the detriment of eating and stretching important muscles and all but involuntary body functions. I would love to know how other freelancers do it. I'm highly-organized, but when accountable to others, I am sometimes no longer accountable to myself.
Luckily, I had been to a Body Combat fitness class that very morning. I did one of those Charlie's Angels kicks (not what they're really called) to my mental derriere and remembered my bank account until the sensation passed.
What do you do to keep your outside projects balanced with your personal goals?


Charles Gramlich said...

Yes, nice to have a little cash flow in instead of out.

Dixie@dcrelief said...

Awareness of your needs is key. No rest, no food, no fresh thought.

Flexibility as an aid to time management for projects and personal goals. Know your deadline dates. Break the project or goal into steps.

I enjoy blocking out a three day focus for projects. I call it 'draft, draft, duck.' Three days every week unless it requires more time. But I do enjoy the break in between blocks; gives me a chance to use the same method regarding goals. This works pretty well depending on which needs more of my time without 'burnout' with either project or goal. Three days on, followed by three days off, then review. If more steps are needed to complete one or the other I make adjustment to my schedule.

As an extra tidbit, I start the project with a certain song, setting up the mood of focus same method for the goal days... different song. Yanni is always my first choice of music.

Feed your brain, rest your muscles, create a masterpiece!

Good luck & that's my five cents!!

L.A. Mitchell said...

@Charles...absolutely :)

@Dixie...I would love to devote three days per week to my own projects. Or perhaps, I should time block each day as sacred. Thanks for the words of wisdom :)