Monday, March 7, 2011

Links, Ahoy!

It's been entirely too long since I brought you a linktastic post, Vortex-style. I promise no Fabio. Did you observe the restraint I displayed at not linking his name to his lahve-album? We've landed on Thriller Island now, remember? All ashore who's going ashore!

Author and inventor T.J. Waters solved the where-do-I-sign? e-reader conundrum for authors. How cool is that? Predictions: (1) inside of six months all e-books will have this blank page, and (2) 2012 will be the year authors write ipads off their taxes in droves. Video Article

For those who need new fashions that fit into the island coiture, Daphne Jane Little's Experimental Time Travel collection is for you. Add an orange pantsuit and this one holds promise for my future utopian Sherpa character. Kidding. I think.

Sherpa-inspired dance move for LaughingWolf for this Time Travel Savage Chickens strip.

And, since we're on the subject of time (I know-when aren't we, right?) here's a list of the best times to conquer the most mundane tasks of the day. See? All the stuff on Thriller Island doesn't have to be woo-woo.

CBS has been voted off my island for two aggregious offenses: (1) teasing me with "MacGyver" under their TV Classic episode titles in their drop-down online broadcasting menu, then delivering on a paltry six minutes from seven seasons of win, and (2) taking Criminal Minds to a whole new level of gore to salvage their bad production decisions. You have effectively doused my Gubler-love.

Lastly, if you haven't seen the trailer for Source Code, pull up a moderately-clean movie theater seat and dig into my popcorn bucket. I promise not to lick my lips all creepy-like when Jake appears.

Last movies seen: North by Northwest, Shutter Island
Last thing eaten: Pink-Lady Apple
Last thing read on the Nook: Suzanne Collins-Catching Fire
Last YouTube watch: Three Days Grace-Break

Have a great week, everyone!


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm going to have to follow up on the Savage chickens!

the walking man said...

I am going to not get into your time suck day, even though I am a day or two late in getting here to read that it is time suck day.