Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trinity of Mullets, Sustenance and Kings

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

If you were expecting me to be all up into leprechauns today, you'll be disappointed. Unless they time travel. Or sneak around in silhouette like Hitchcock. Or love Fabio. Or all three.

What you will find is a trinity of awesome, Vortex-style:

Remember this January 2008 post on our mulleted-time-traveling hero? Apparently, he has inspired a film, Safety Not Guaranteed, based on this oft-circulated, perhaps sincere, request for a time traveling companion. Starring Aubrey Plaza from Funny People and NBC's Parks and Recreation, production begins next month.

A San Francisco indie filmmaker is looking for a screenwriter for his psychological thriller. Out of the many perks listed in his Craig's List ad: you will be fed. If you have your own transportation and can recognize the agregiousness in creditable, you we'll need and don't doesn't, this could be your break!

Lastly, I offer a definitive answer to the question plaguing the pop-culture book sites: Can Stephen King handle time travel?

Hell to the yes.

And at 1000 pages, hesitant old-schoolers have just enough time to save up for an e-reader.


Charles Gramlich said...

I love that ad. Don't you just want it to be true.

dcrelief said...

Stephen King has my vote. He's already taken me to places I've never seen. :)