Monday, November 29, 2010

A Pimped Vortex-mobile

I consciously pimped out the new-to-me car I acquired this week. No, not with frilly leis hanging from the rear view mirror or pink fuzzy seat covers. My pimping was of the writer-ly variety. What does that entail, you ask?

An empty journal
The Vortex-mobile now has enough storage compartments to hide that dead body from chapter three. No more scrawling dialogue on Chick-Fil-a napkins.

With enough ink to sink a flotilla of bad plot tangents.

A B-Level Book
You know these, right? Not the active A-list novel you're reading. Not the one due at the library in four days you're likely to forget about. These are the any-port-in-a-boredom-storm books. The random biography someone gifted you. The freebie from last year's writing conference. The one that could only rival waiting in a four-car-deep pharmacy drive-thru line.

Because these days rejections come via mobile access.

Novel Playlist
Why listen to FM when you can occupy your story world during your commute? Better yet, an audio book to combat that I-don't-have-time-to-read excuse.

Emergency Coffee Shop Rations
Toll booth change? Hardly. Get thee to a java stop! Inspiration struck!

IC Recorder
My mobile voice recorder. I have no idea what IC stands for. Incontinent conflict. Irrational Character. Interruption Combatant.

But lo, there are more compartments. What could I do with them?

No, wait...I'm not writing straight romance anymore.

How about....

Or Stephen King Wooden Nesting Dolls in the drink holder?

Or how about this baby hanging from the rear view mirror? Creepy Ezra the Caretaker Jewelry. I do not want to know what is stuck to his shovel.

Tricked out. Ready to write.
Tell us one bizarre thing you have in your car...


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm quite similar with my car. NOtepads, pens, book of poetry or short stories. i also keep rolaids and cups

Robin said...

Best wishes and safe traveling in your new car! I've got pens and notepads as well - and have used them at very unsafe times, but hey, when a thought strikes. Anyway, I've got nothing bizarre. I shall to remedy that...

Happy writing!

Jen FitzGerald said...

On occasion, my son.

Hey--he's 14-years-old.

laughingwolf said...

bizarre... in MY car...? only just ME! :P lol

laughingwolf said...

oh, and on his shovel? looks like coal to me... but then, you're not old enough to have experienced a coal cellar, are you? :O lol

Todd Wheeler said...

Used to have a stuffed monkey keychain hanging from a rubber band on the rear view mirror.

Until an over enthusiastic pull and snap shot the simian into the windshield and cracked it.


Need more travel notebooks.

Caryn Caldwell said...

Love your list! You come prepared. And I definitely know about the B-level book. So disappointing when you thought it would be an A and turned out to be a B. (Though I've had the opposite happen. Then I read it voraciously, though, and it's over way too fast, not hanging around waiting for me to read it out of boredom.)