Wednesday, November 3, 2010

On Dinosaurs and Lederhosen

Remember back in March when I mentioned Steven Spielberg's new family/adventure drama, Terra Nova, about a family who journeys to the distant past (think dinosaurs) to become part of a second-chance society? Holy Life on Mars, Batman! If it isn't my favorite time-travel-lovin'-Irish-cup-filleth-over-with-yum Jason O'Mara cast as the patriarch of the Shannon family. Fox sets the premiere date in May 2011 with a rumored budget for the pilot episode at $20 million.

Speaking of Irish love of the Jason O'Mara variety, life (and Vortexers...thank you) handed me this festive gift of awesome to coincide with the tinsel and holiday trappings already hitting store shelves. Surprisingly, someone else married the beauty that is Richard Dean Anderson and Jason O'Mara, among others, into one angelic salute to men in suits. A twin separated at birth? Perhaps. Do not mutter WTH, Vortexers. Sing!

Oh! And isn't YouTube THE BEST? Who wouldn't want to see Richard Dean Anderson in almost-lederhosen disco attire jamming on a guitar on the Dinah show in the 70's? That was a treat you didn't expect, wasn't it?
I aim to please.


Charles Gramlich said...

I am not going to follow that link to see Dean Anderson. I don't think my heart could take that today.

Robin said...

So didn't expect it! You really are all things RDA.

Have a great weekend!