Friday, April 9, 2010

Six Links and a Mystery Guy

Of late, I'm a gypsy writer. It seems the creative neurons aren't firing unless I'm simultaneously running away from the volcanic eruption of Mount Darks outside the laundry room and a pantry that would put Mother Hubbard to shame. So I'm off like yesterday's sock, but I can at least feel good about clearing out the bookmarks I saved for everyone. Tigger would call it a linker-ific Friday post. I call it holy-cow-there's-some-good-opportunities:

The Friends of the Dr. Eugine Clark Library in Lockhart, Texas, self-proclaimed BBQ capital of Texas, is sponsoring a Scare the Dickens Out of Us short story contest. Top prize is a whopping $1,000. Wow, way to go I've-stopped-to-use-the-restroom-there-once town! Works must be previously unpublished and no more than 5,000 words. Any genre, any tone, as long as it's a ghost story. Might want to mention BBQ, too. FMI.

I'm probably the last to know about this handy submission calendar over at Poets & Writers, but it's a great way to hear about contests and publishing opportunities outside the writing circles we tend to get stuck in.

Kensington is looking for a hot, new unpublished writer to become a Brava author in 2012, groomed and nurtured to publication perfection by existing Brava authors. If you've written a sensual, full-length romance, check it out.

Samhain sent out an open submission call for steampunk romance novellas and red-hot winter-themed novellas.

To mark Sourcebook's release of Stephen Markley's Publish This Book, a much-discussed memoir chronicling how hard it is to get a book published, Sourcebooks is offering writers who show proof of purchase a critique of their unpublished manuscript. Genius promotion, really.

And, lest you think I cannot let a post escape without the mention of time travel, six-pack abs or the sweet triumvirate that is MacGyver-Josh Hollaway-Jake Gyllenhaal, I give you this clip of Jake answering questions about his upcoming role as a time traveler in the upcoming Disney film Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, revealing what time period he would travel back to if it were possible and blushing when a fan-girl calls him pretty.

As yet unsubstantial enough to penetrate the above triumvirate, I do have a new hottie preoccupation. Remember the whole David Duchovny thing? I'm pretty sure it's along those lines. Just as potent, but not so easily understood. I'll give you three hints. Can you guess?

1. CBS
2. Dr., but not the kind you think
3. hair

Random Friday Question:
If you talked in your sleep, what would you say?

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Pamela Cayne said...

Whee--more fun Friday links! (I was just over at Marilyn Brant's blog.) I gotta say, it's nice to see some of the publishers reaching out to the masses for new stories. Very heartening indeed. Happy Friday!

Charles Gramlich said...

I find it very hard to write unless I can establish a routine.

laughingwolf said...

since i don't talk in my sleep, what i'd say is... nothing ;)

as for writing, am in a drought :(

Jen FitzGerald said...

Love the clip, L.A. thanks for sharing. If I talked in my sleep it would probably be something about you know who...(Robin Hood).

Robin said...

I have no idea what I'd say if I talked in my sleep! MacGvyver talks in his sometimes, and it's pretty funny.

I need more hints!

L.A. Mitchell said...

@Pamela-I agree. It seems their acquisition freeze is thawing.

@Charles-I hear you. Having a struggle with that of late, myself.

@LW-sorry about the drought. Maybe a change of scenery??

@Jen-I *so* know that's your you-know-who ;)

@Robin-Your wish is my command. Look for more hints this week.