Monday, April 12, 2010

Here's Your Sign

Bragging rights are on the line for the Vortex-er who correctly guesses The Mystery Guy (first three clues). Robin requested more hints, so look for them at the end of today's post and sprinkled in throughout the week.

During a recent twenty-four hour period of crippling self-doubt I'm told is intrinsic to all writers mid-novel, the universe spoke to me. Not once or twice-that might be coincidence. Three times? Here's your sign.

Frankly, the luster is gone. The bloom is off the rose. Whatever cliche fits that gruesome stretch when I'm courting my manuscript, and I realize it scratches itself in polite company and has the annoying habit of repeating itself to make a point. Other ideas flirt with me across the crowded rave going on in my brain. I wonder if I've made a long-term commitment to the wrong story.

But in that funny way life has of sending us what we need, when we need it, the central, defining image of my story slammed into my awareness like a trinity of reassurance. Three times in that twenty-four hour period, I happened upon Ferris wheels: a yearly carnival parked and assembled on a street I drive each day; a random History Channel International show on the world's biggest machines featuring the London Eye; a full-color ad in a waiting room magazine. Random on any other day, at best, it was precisely what I needed to turn back to my manuscript and remember that spark that made me fall in love with it.

The longer I occupy this Earth, the more convinced I become that God or karma or whatever you attribute to things far beyond our understanding sails us into pockets of awareness we often miss. We have only to listen and plug in to details and things we take for granted each day to find our bearings and seek out our true North.

For now, my true North is to stay the course, man the ship and never lose hope that the journey will be far richer than the destination. What answer is the universe sending your way this week?

Could it be The Mystery Guy? He's now on my radar enough to warrant a change of color and font. This must be serious. Three more clues coming at you:

4. He was once a Tommy Hilfiger model
5. He wears mismatched socks, both in real life and as part of his character's wardrobe because his grandmother believed it to mean good luck
6. BAU

Guesses? Leave them in the comment section. Mid-week, look for little-known facts about the Ferris wheel I uncovered during research for my current novel. Until then, today's question:

What is your favorite Ferris wheel memory?


Charles Gramlich said...

Loved the paragraph about the luster being gone. If that doesn't capture the feeling nothing else ever will.

Jen FitzGerald said...

I have no good memories of ferris wheels, L.A. I hate them. :(

Robin said...

Matthew Gubler from Criminal Minds!

Yes? No?

Love hearing about those moments, L.A.! Happy writing!

Ferris wheels are not my favorite either, so no memory sticks out.

PamelaCayne said...

"The longer I occupy this Earth, the more convinced I become that God or karma or whatever you attribute to things far beyond our understanding sails us into pockets of awareness we often miss."

Amen, sister. Amen.

L.A. Mitchell said...

@Charles-I often wonder if it's that way with short stories. Seems like they'd be complete before the ick sets in.

@Jen-really? Really? Is there a fear of heights there or just the motion? I guess they are completely romanticized in my mind.

@Robin-HOLY COW..those clues were a dead-giveaway. Yes, it is him! Now you're going to psychoanalyze how he fits in with the others, right? Must have something to do with my inner physics geek. Bragging rights to you, my dear ;)

@Pamela-I'm trying harder to pay attention. It's hard when life moves so fast.

the walking man said...

MGG took me about fifteen minutes after I understood what BAU meant. OH well second is better than third.

L.A. Mitchell said...

It is beyond awesome how Vortex-ers all are willing to Google for me. Have I said lately how much I adore you all? :*

Subby said...

I dinna will guess( I'm no up to date on much o' anything... )

But ferris wheels? THe Big E! In Western Springfield, Massachusetts. A grand view from the top and always spent in good company :)

Oh my! WV=meati

Robin said...

I won't psychoanalyze you! I'd rather add to your list. Have you seen Justified on FX? If not, check it out. The hero wears a cowboy hat. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the ferris wheel pic! My favorite ferris wheel memory: Belton TX, 4th of July. Family.

That's it! It makes me happy to remember.

It's late and I can't remember my google password, so I'm signing in under "Anonymous" :O

Kim (Lenox)

laughingwolf said...

don't watch tv, don't care for it

no ferris wheel memories, too...

Marilyn Brant said...

2 favorite Ferris wheel memories--seeing the one in Vienna and riding the one at the WI State Fair when I was about 7. I like them.

Hang in there, L.A. ;)