Sunday, April 18, 2010

Get Your Snark On

Picture me today in my white painting overalls, fresh smears of lavender/eggplant on my face. I am one with Behr. No, not that Bear, but that would be infinitely more adventurous. While I'm painting, I'm thinking snark. Why? Because it's day one of Wicked Cool Baby's Snarky Baby Contest!

Remember back to the awesome connections we all made during March's Time Carnival? Wicked Cool Baby had such an amazing stream of traffic checking out their funny shirts for the wee set, they wanted to team up with the creative minds that are Vortex visitors to come up with their newest snark. Here's the 4-1-1:

Submit your snarkiest baby one-liner via email to by Thursday, April 22. Please include "toddler" or "infant" with your idea (as some ideas are more appropriate for one stage than the other). If you have a shirt color preference for your idea, include that, too.

Visit here Friday, April 23rd through Sunday, April 25th to vote on your favorite submitted phrase.

The winner will receive (1) a free onesie or shirt(up to 4T size) displaying the winning phrase (2) inclusion of the winning phrase in Wicked Cool Baby's catalog.

Wicked Cool Baby tips:

-Remember, these will be embroidered on tiny clothes, so an economy of words is best

-If your snarky phrase would go great with a visual (ie-a golf ball for Tiger Woods humor), include it in your submission

-No trademarked names. Celebrity names accepted.

To sweeten the pot, everyone who submits baby phrase ideas will receive 15% off a WCB purchase AND be placed in a drawing to receive a free shirt (adult or child) with the phrase of your choice embroidered on it courtesy of Wicked Cool Baby's parent company, NeedleUp. As always, if you subscribe to my newsletter loop, you are automatically entered twice in all contests headed up by yours truly.

Questions? Leave them in the comment section or email me. Have fun!


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm not sure I have much snark in me.

Robin said...

I'm not all that snarky either, but hey, I can probably come up with something. Will think on it...

What a fun and cool idea! Thanks L.A. and Wicked Cool Baby!

laughingwolf said...

not in a good twist this week :(