Friday, June 19, 2009

Spreading the Love for Blogger, Fathers and Sweet Democracy

May I just take a moment today to exclaim "Sweet, sweet Blogger!" and do a Toyota jump? The time suck that shall heretofore be known as the WordPress Fiasco last night made me appreciate my home sweet home in the blogosphere. Never fear, I scheduled my 007 post for Monday and all is right with the world.

I also want to give a huge, happy shout-out to my Dad. I've mentioned him before here and here and here but my still-favorite way to honor him is the ultimate time travel for Father's Day.
This is Iowa, circa 1940. Isn't he cute? Love you, Dad. Wish we could be together.

Now, let's exercise our democratic freedoms, shall we? Vote in the sidebar for your favorite first line of a story inspired by this photo
before midnight CST Sunday. The winner will receive a DVD collection to be revealed on Monday. It's not really that it's a grand secret, but more than I fear its awesomeness in my mind might translate to yawns and an otherwise less than exuberant voter turnout. But free is free, right? Now you really want to know what it is, don't you?

Vote, vote, vote and if you see your Dad this weekend, remember what a blessing it is to be able to hug him.


Caryn Caldwell said...

Yeah, playing with blogs can definitely be a huge time suck. I'm glad you're happy with yours, though. As for that photo of your dad, I LOVE it! It's so eye-catching, and that car is fantastic.

Robin said...

What a great picture of your dad!

I'm sorry I missed out on the best first line - they're all great! I'm going to vote now...

Have a great weekend!

Marilyn Brant said...

That photo of your dad is absolutely adorable!! As for Wordpress, I'm a bit worried now. I have yet to read the manual for posting, but I'm already suspecting great confusion on my part when my 007 blog day arrives...

Charles Gramlich said...

Looking forward to seeing my son tomorrow.

the walking man said...

why is my word verification angst ?

Barbara Martin said...

Wonderful photo of your Dad, and I love the car.

L.A. Mitchell said...

@Caryn...good to see you! That car makes me wish I lived back then, if only for a moment :)

@Robin...thanks for stopping by. Back at you with the weekend wishes ;)

@Marilyn...My issue was with inserting media. I tried early on, made the perfect slide show and found out WordPress needed a plug-in, even though they didn't say that upfront. Anyway, I figured out the gallery thing and all is good. Let me know if you need help

@Charles...Happy father's day to you!

@walkingman...because you have yet to write a poem about atomic breath as

@Barbara...thank you! Not sure what year the car is, but they were farmers, so I'm sure it wasn't new in its day.

Vote, vote, Vortex readers...we have a tie.

the walking man said...


I heard,
second hand,
that the stink
was from some mushroom
a thousand
thousand miles away.

I still didn't understand
why a smelly mushroom
caused me
to have to turn my desk
on it's side
and face the windows.

The room was air conditioned.

Written specifically for
Laura A. Mitchell as penance for a forgetful memory.

L.A. Mitchell said...

@walkingman...I'm giddy with excitement. It was truly inspired. Thank you;)

Vesper said...

What a lovely photo of your dad!