Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Bond Girl's Education

If Vortex visitor Barbara was a Budda statue, I'd rub her belly this week because she's on a gol and dang winning streak here. I want some of that yum-luck water from Canada. Congrats, Barbara, for taking home the Love, Texas Style prize from Lara Hogg's blog giveaway! Send me your snail mail addy, again, Barbara and I'll get it right out:

As for the rest of you, I need your help. The 2007 Golden Heart finalists have banned together to launch a group blog, 007 Nobody Writes it Better, on June 15th and I'm thrilled to be part of such a talented, up-and-coming group of writers. Of course, we played off the James Bond theme since we were the 007 girls and because it makes us, well, cool. The problem is, I know precious little about being a Bond girl. Do I need a sexually suggestive code name? Three story jacked heels? A concealed weapon?

Crash course: take me from Twilight Zone-Laura Ingalls to Bond girl. Leave all the essentials in the comment section, including your favorite Bond girl and the best Bond movie I should add to my Netflix account.


Charles Gramlich said...

Modern Bond girls aren't quite so sexualized. The days of Pussy Galore are gone, I think. The last one had a little bit of a heroin chic thing going.

the walking man said...

You'll have to post a picture of yourself rising from the water in a wet thong bikini and then I will be inspired to give you a cool Bond girl name...'til then InkyLuv is all I got.

Todd Wheeler said...

Trend seems to be much more smart, Euro chicks.

How about LArissa MIrabella, Italian heiress, whose charm bracelet of 1920's typewriter keys actually contains .... ?

What? I'm not going to write the whole story for you. ;-)

Sandra Ferguson said...

I concur, go with the gals in the last two flicks. Just watched Casino Royale last night -- parts anyway -- and the confrontation between bond and female lead in her ultra business suit with conservative hair and no-nonsense, put J. Bond in his place attitude was heady indeed. If she was wearing 3-inch heels, it was only so she could kick a little 'A' with them.


What a fun thing for the Golden Heart crew. Can't wait to pop over.

Pamela Cayne said...

Traditional Bond has a naughty girl (usually villain--the afore mentioned Pussy Galore and Octopussy, for example) and the sassy yet slightly vulnurable actual Bond girl, so I guess my first question is do you want to be naughty or nice?

L.A. Mitchell said... I detect a note of sadness those days seem to be over? ;)

@walkingman...Um, yeah. Not gonna happen, but I do love the retro InkyLuv. She'll be my alter-ego.

@Todd...if the charm can take me back to the 1920s, I'm SO there.

@Sandra...THAT sounds like one I need to watch. I'm adding it to my Netflix account now.

@Pamela...I should probably play nice since it's a group blog, right?

Barbara Martin said...

Gee, I'm at a loss for words. After winning "Memento", this was not on my list to acquire though I had been thinking about buying "Love Texas Style". Thanks very much, L.A. and Laura Hoggs.

laughingwolf said...

hmmm... wearing your tony lamas, and nothing else, stomping to "these boots are made for walkin'", the only appropriate name: BOOTS :O lol

Robin said...

Love your blog theme and will be sure to check it out! (I'm just a little enamored with Daniel Craig.)