Friday, June 26, 2009

First Line Winner

We have a first line winner. Whoot! And it only took a week. Now for the big (or not so big) reveal:

Walking Man will receive a four disc DVD set of Alfred Hitchcock: The Legend Begins. Some of the twenty offerings are shorts from his classic series Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Some are his early full-length thrillers dating back to the late 1920's. It's not much of a secret around here how much I adore Hitchcock. I think writers can learn a tremendous amount from the way his stories unfold, what he chooses to share and not share, with the audience. There are few things better than watching one of his suspense movies, lights-out, during a thunderstorm. Congrats, WM. Email me ( with an address you'd like it sent to. Thanks to everyone for offering up their first lines. They were all amazing.

What are your plans for this weekend?


Charles Gramlich said...

Sushi tomorrow. Sleep and rest and writing. It's a pleasure to be beaten by the Walking man. >*&&^#$$$#(

the walking man said...

Believe me Charles, like taking one of my kids to the woodshed I took no pleasure in whooping was a sad but necessary duty.

Thank you Laura....I'll be in touch.

Barbara Martin said...

Congratulations to the Walking Man.

My weekend will be made up of polishing a couple of short stories to submit, writing and a couple of walks by the lake as it's nice and sunny this morning.

laughingwolf said...

way to go, mark! :)

L.A. Mitchell said...

@Charles - Sleep and writing sounds perfect. I hope you had a great weekend.

@walkingman - thanks for the great email. I'll send it out today:)

@Barbara - Oooohh, a walk by the lake. Up there, it sounds perfect. Down here? Heat stroke. I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

@laughingwolf - great to see you here.

Robin said...

Well since I'm chiming in late again, my weekend was good - thanks for asking. ;) Just wanted to also say that I too love Hitchcock!! In college I took a class where we dissected a couple of his films and wrote papers on his method. It was one of my favorite classes!