Monday, December 8, 2008

Feeling the Love and Answers

Before we get down to the business of answers and all things Thorn Birds, I have to squee at the honor bestowed on the Vortex for being named someone's favorite. Granted, she has winner's guilt over a 2007 impasse of epic writerly proportions, which could account for some of the love. Nevertheless, I'll display the avatar proudly. Thanks, Marilyn.

Sadly, no one answered all the true/false questions correctly, so watch for more freebies in the coming weeks. Ask me if I can resist rummaging around a discount bin to score time travel movies or books. Go ahead, ask.

Now for the answers to The Thorn Birds trivia:

1. Colleen McCullough hated the ABC miniseries adaptation of her international bestselling novel (t/f). True. According to executive producer, David L. Wolper, the author revealed her dissatisfaction in several interviews with Australian newspapers.

2. The original week the miniseries aired in 1983, a major airline aired episodes during its evening flights so no passengers missed any portion of the ten hour saga (t/f). True.

3. The McDonald's corporation was the number one advertiser during the miniseries (t/f). False. In fact, McDonalds was so dissuaded by the religious controversy surrounding the miniseries, they refused to purchase any ad time. Later, they amended their position to only purchase ad time before the relationship between Father Ralph and Meggie was consummated.

4. Rachel Ward beat out actress Jane Seymour to portray Meggie Cleary because she had a more authentic Australian accent(t/f). False. Rachel Ward did beat out Jane Seymour for Meggie's part, but not because of the accent. Casting believed Jane Seymour to be too strong an actress to portray the innocence needed for Meggie.

5. Amongst the many technical flaws in the film, cars are seen driving on the right side of the road instead of the left, as is the norm in Australia(t/f). True.

6. The antique church robes used for Father Ralph's wardrobe came from a former priest who'd been excommunicated from the church(t/f). True.

7. Bryan Brown, the actor who portrayed Meggie's husband Luke O'Neill, and Rachel Ward fell in love on the set and remain married to this day(t/f). True.

8. The "ashes of roses" dress Meggie Cleary wore at her coming out party was lost in the men's bathroom at LAX during filming(t/f). True. While shipping off cast and crew to film in Hawaii, a studio assistant left the dress in the men's room at the airport. A mexican soldier found it, saw the studio's address in Burbank and returned it. The dress arrived in Hawaii minutes before the previous post's publicity photo on the beach was taken.

9. The sugar cane fields and beach scenes were filmed in Hawaii(t/f). True.

10. Christopher Plummer won a Best Supporting Actor Emmy for his portrayal of Archbishop Vitorrio(t/f). False. He was only nominated.

Last tidbit of trivia about the final scene in the miniseries: In the book, Father Ralph dies in the house with Fee present. The Thorn Bird's screenwriter, Carmen Culver, envisioned the rose garden as the perfect place to end the saga. In such a harsh land, she believed, the garden became a metaphor for heaven.

This week: literature maps, false heads and a ceremonial burial of my biggest crutch word. Bring yours and we'll bury it together.


Pam said...

Snot--now I've been sucked back in and I'm going to have to add this DVD set to my TBV pile.

I'm still up in the air if I should be thanking you or not... ;-)

Marilyn Brant said...

Argh! I knew those questions were tricky--thanks for posting the answers. I was so curious about that airline one and a couple of the others...

And as for the blog love, it is totally and completely deserved without any such "winner's guilt" (*Marilyn's inner teenager is rolling her eyes at this phrase*), and you very well know I appreciate you and your eloquent posts quite independent of that '07 contest mania. As the award says, and I can be shockingly literal that way, "I love your blog." :)

Charles Gramlich said...

I thought Rachel Ward was gorgeous in that movie, and part of it was the innocence she portrayed.

Barbara Martin said...

I'm adding this DVD set to my Christmas wish list. Thanks for posting the answers.

Katie Reus said...

I've never seen the Thornbirds :) (Btw, I've tagged you!)

L.A. Mitchell said... can leave a publishing contract at my door. That'll be thanks enough. And, yes, it's on my gift list, too. I can't have it clogging my DVR anymore :O know I forever have the teasing advantage b/c you won. I love having that leverage :)

Charles...I agree. Some of her acting was painful b/c she was so inexperienced, but her beauty and innocence more than made up for it.

Barbara...glad to resurrect it for you. I have trouble watching it in rapid succession as I'd be crying for a week.

Katie...Every romance writer should see it. Beg, borrow or steal it. Okay, maybe not the last one.

Vesper said...

Very interesting answers - thank you for posting them! :-)

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