Monday, March 31, 2008

The Seduction of a Novel

The challenge is on. I'm actually writing this in the pre-midnight hours of April 1st. The Lost Month of Giveaways is finished, the paper slips of entrants tossed to the carpet like origami confetti. Emails have been answered; my loops are all on web-only. The desk is a vast wooden plane with only a half-water ring to break the chi. I've anticipated every possible roadblock for the next week and calculated alternate plans. The only thing left to do is write.

Although this Robin Hobb rant on blogging and writers is highly cynical, there is a certain measure of truth to it. I love "literary pole dancing," as she calls it, but the seduction of the novel will take priority until summer sets in, until I type the final word, or until blood spouts from my ears--whichever comes first.

I'll post my daily progress over at Sherry Davis's blog, Novel-Words, or you can check out my best line each day on the Twitter feed that comes through here on the sidebar.

Meanwhile, check out the book trailers up for a March Covey Trailer Award. Number nine really shows a closet director waiting to emerge, dontcha think? Be sure to vote for your favorite on the left sidebar.


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