Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Thousand Words and Birth Control Revenge

I actually have four longer posts backing up in my mind I'll get to eventually, but I'm blogging over at our group blog today; thus, I'm preserving my coherent thoughts for that in the hopes I won't run the story off into the ditch. I guess what's left is what I leave you with here:

April 1st begins a writing challenge over at Sherry Davis's blog Novel-Words. The biggest stretch for me will not be the 1000 words, but the everyday consistency of it. Everyone in on the challenge is at a different place. Several of us are in rewrites, some are creating anew. All of us need a kick in the pants to complete our goals. If you've slipped behind or are up for a challenge, join us. Authors that sweat together, stick together.

And at the risk of dooming my own creativity to the square- peg-whatever-the-hell-genre-I-write that never seems to quite fit into the round hole of the romance industry (there's got to be a joke there, but I'm preserving my coherent thoughts, remember?), I've dipped backward fifty years into a science fiction classic for Sandra's one book a week reading challenge.

I didn't pick it up for the longest time because the cover art is, well, bad. Marsha Brady stroking an injured cat while some kind of steaming UFO/birth control packet is about to swallow her, bad Star-Trek costume and all. But it is time travel, the title is great and the first three pages had me.

Electronics engineer Dan Davis has finally made the invention of a lifetime: a household robot with extraordinary abilities, destined to dramatically change the landscape of everyday routine. Then, with wild success just within reach, Dan's greedy partner and greedier fiancée trick him into taking the long sleep--suspended animation for thirty years. They never imagine that the future time in which Dan will awaken has mastered time travel, giving him a way to get back to them--and at them . .

Gotta love revenge time travel.

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