Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another Thursday, Another Celebration

Is it possible today is Thursday again? Squee! Time for the third week of giveaways in March to celebrate the release of "The Lost Highway." This is the last personalized one, as it is a two-pack of my favorite in time travel: The Time Traveler's Wife and Somewhere in Time.

I could gush more, or you could just read my other post on this movie. This edition contains the Back to Somewhere in Time documentary and Jeannot Szwarc's director's commentary.

My favorite thing about The Time Traveler's Wife is the bravery Audrey Niffenegger showed with her choice in structure and her lyrical, almost poetic prose.

Congratulations to the latest winner and don't forget--there's one grand prize to go: a $25 Visa gift card.

T minus eight hours and seventeen minutes until print release day!

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