Thursday, April 3, 2008

No, Larry Hagman Won't Be There

Who knew Southfork had a hotel?

When I was eighteen and I sat down for dinner with my host family in Munich the first night, I remember their only frame of reference about Texas was the show Dallas. Apparently, we all rode around in cars with personalized plates and threw each other in the pool during heated cat fights (or was that Dynasty?). The horns-as-hood-ornament thing had also bled over from a Dukes of Hazzard episode. I don't remember the Ewings being that out-there.

Tomorrow night from 7-9pm, I'll be signing Love, Texas Style with Gina Lee Nelson, Mary Malcolm and Nikki Hollaway, alongside some pretty heady company:
  • Sandy Blair
  • Ken Casper
  • Jax Cassidy
  • Kristin Cast
  • P.C. Cast
  • Judy Christenberry
  • Kresley Cole
  • Connie Cox
  • Gretchen Craig
  • Jana DeLeon
  • Leanna Ellis
  • Lori Foster
  • Tracy Garrett
  • Jane Graves
  • Amie Stuart
  • Nancy Haddock
  • Lorraine Heath
  • Ashlely Kath-Bilsky
  • Karen Kelley
  • Celya Bowers
  • Kara Lennox
  • Dixie Cash & Anna Jeffrey
  • Nina Romberg
  • Gena Showalter
  • Terry Spear
  • Sara Thacker
  • Colleen Thompson
  • Carolyn Williamson
  • Alisha Paige
The buzz with all these talented writers will be amazing. A portion of all sales will benefit the South Collin County Habitat for Humanity and Women Build charities. Admission is free, so drop by and say hello.

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