Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Writer, A King and an Orange Cat

Anyone impervious to the ways of the plotting writer need only look at this hot mess to appreciate the conceptual stages of a book. I don't have an available wall, so I conquered the kitchen table (and the cat's primary napping spot on sunny days). Here, she is expressing her displeasure by tipping my Hero's Journey white board and swiping the black moment clear out of the story.

Plans are coming together to celebrate March 14th as International Time Travel Day. Yes, there is this one, but what self-respecting time travel fan can wait that long? Look for links to other participating time travel author blogs where you can comment and win free books. As Mel Brooks would say, "It's good to be the king." Next, I shall declare an International MacGyver Day where we all use the contents of our purse or pocket to conduct a means of escape from our lives.

Lastly, thanks to Vortexer Melanie, who just so happens to have a minty-new, oh-so-yummy romantic crime thriller release this month,  for sending this public service announcement my way. So true.

You're the king! Declare a holiday in the comment section...


Sherry Isaac said...

All right, if you insist...

I vote for flannel pyjama day. In order to celebrate, one must don funky-patterned flannel pjs that express her inner diva (Hot pink leopard spots are taken. Sorry.) Celebratory traditions include, but are not limited to:
Lounging in said pyjamas
Modelling in said pyjamas
Lip-syncing in said pyjamas
Taking garbage and recycling to curb in said pyjamas
Sobbing profusely throughout fave movies in said pyjamas
Sitting by fire in said pyjamas
Drinking copious amounts of tea of your choice in said pyjamas. (Celebrants may freely substitute with coffee, hot chocolate, or wine.)
Flipping through magazines in said pyjamas.
Reading top selection from toppling To Be Read pile in said pyjamas.
Said pyjamas may only be removed to enjoy a hot soak in tubby. Upon drying, immediately reclaim said pyjamas, or a fresh pair of pyjamas, in a refreshing new pattern to suit relaxed post-tubby mood.

One rule: Celebrants of pyjama day must never stain the sanctity of flannel pyjama day by wearing rollers, cold cream, or socks in their slippers. Slippers: good. Socks: good. Slippers and socks together: Please. Save it for National Stuffy Head Cold Day.

Sherry Isaac said...

By the way, LaLa, I love the funky new look!

And, Flannel Pyjama Day may be declared by anyone, at any time, as often as the need for a Flannel Pyjama Day arises. Apply FPD liberally! Tis good for the soul!

Charles Gramlich said...

Wow, you organized writers amaze me. :)

L.A. Mitchell said...

@Sherry...I have one of those days almost every day! It's good to be a writer :)

@Charles...the only way I can wrap my brain around some projects. Especially time travel. It can be a bugger-boo.