Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Hot Guy Broke the Radio

The Vortex was busting at the seams  yesterday. Huge number of visitors. Huge. Thanks to everyone who took the extra time to drop a comment and enter the drawing. Via random number generator, the winner of Love, Texas Style is Ingeborg. Sadly, Ingeborg did not leave contact information and the blogger profile is blank, so I'm calling into the black ether in the hope that Ingeborg will contact me at I'll give Ingeborg until Sunday, March 18 at midnight CST before I head to the random number generator again. Thanks for time traveling with me, everyone.

In other news, I have taken on a ghostwriting project that will put my time travels on the back burner for a bit. Does that mean The Vortex will cease to report such cutting-edge time travel information as the cancellation of Terra Nova? (Shock! Can you see my face? No, really) Nah. The Vortex will still be here reporting from thriller island even if I have now invited the guy from the beach up into my Sawyer-style lean-to. It also means a grueling deadline, so if, from time to time, communications are quiet from thriller island, assume the hot guy broke the radio.

Since we're on the subject of ghostwriting, what is the most obvious case of ghostwriting you've encountered?


the walking man said...

When I saw a pencil lift itself up by it's own power and write love poetry. Damn thing had the temerity to copyright it in my name too!

L.A. Mitchell said...

@WM...haha...I always knew there was a twinkie-centered core in there somewhere :)