Wednesday, March 14, 2012

International Time Travel Day! Woot!

What better way to celebrate Albert Einstein's birthday than to have a fun mess of authors offer up the chance to win their time travel stories for free?
Blog-hop and website-hop to the following and add your comment for a chance to win the time travel story each author has up for grabs. Authors draw a name at midnight EST, so be sure to visit early.

Madeline Baker
Cate Rowan
Nicholas Wisseman
Chris Karlsen
Theresa Ragan
Cheryl Kaye Tardif
Pauline Baird Jones

The Vortex is proud to be part of this contest. Yes, it means if you are on feed you must click through and leave a comment; and yes, that means you'll have thirty less seconds to kill on pininterest, but if there was ever a day for Vortex love, it is ITTD. One lucky Vortexer will win a print copy of the Love, Texas Style anthology containing my time travel short story "The Lost Highway." Come often, comment much. Oh, and if this is your first time at The Vortex, you are already a Vortexer.

Have fun on your time travels!

Excerpt from "The Lost Highway":

     He scrambled after the crinkled stub, gravel puncturing  the worn denim across his knees, and captured it at the base of a wild fescue. His hope of finding her again restored to the safety of his pocket, he realized the sound was an approaching car.

     White. Almost invisible through the heat cloud had the cherry-red vinyl seats not harnessed the glaring sun. The classic, rocket-shaped convertible crawled along the fractured road. Fast enough to know the '59 Thunderbird still ran. Slow enough for him to absorb the driver within.

     A woman. Thick, blond hair snaked beneath a gauzy, patterned scarf. Tied beneath her chin, its triangular point snapped in the breeze like a flag in a presidential motorcade. Jeweled, almond-shaped sunglasses concealed most of her face. Doo-wap music blared from the car's speakers.

     Perfect. Fifty miles from civilization, and he was about to be rescued by Doris Day.

Comment, comment, comment! Go....


L.A. Mitchell said...

Hi Vortexers :)

My post slept in this morning and didn't go live at midnight, so any comments on this one AND the previous post will be considered an entry.

LOVE the discussion on your favorite time travel story...let's keep it going here...

Denise Z said...

International time travel day cruising down the highway in a '59 T-bird. Life is sweet!!! Thank you for sharing the fun.


Mel B said...

Happy Time Travel Day!!! My favorite time travel story is The Outlander by Diana Gabladon. However, my favorite Time Travel movie is...Back to the Future. Yeah, I love my 80's!

Ingeborg said...

Love Time Travel books

Anonymous said...

happy time travel day. always love time travel books, wish i can time travel back in time too, arethazhenATrocketmailDOTCOM

World Travel said...

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