Thursday, January 20, 2011

Creepy Photos, Vertigo and Sisterhood

While looking for theme-centered verbs to inject into my revision, I found an article entitled the Wonderful World of Early Photography. Some of the images I'd seen before while immersing myself in research on the front end of this novel; some images are deliciously haunting. I'm not a shutterbug by any stretch, but all this modern digitalization makes me long for sepia sometimes.

The article contains this creepy beaut, the world's first daguerreotype:
The world's first human portrait:
and the world's first underwater photo:

That's three stories right there.

To read more about each of these photos and see more firsts and notables in photography, it's well worth a click.
Planning a trip to San Francisco? Don't forget your self-guided Vertigo tour. Hitch would be so proud.
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the walking man said...

Have to look in on your links later. no time for that thing you do so well Laura---send people off on major time sucks.