Monday, January 31, 2011

Vortexers of Awesome

There is so much I want to share this week; but, alas, Casa Mitchell is under heavy quarantine. I have managed to swerve free of strep and H1N1, but I developed a wicked nasty eye infection yesterday like I've never had before: half arrrg pirate wench, half MMA blow to the lids, and collateral ick Fabio could, no doubt, identify with. So until we turn this fort ship-shape, we'll just have to make this week's posts quick and potent.

Vortexer Erin is keeping it real regarding our resident creepy dentist. She writes:

" is a hoax - if you use the free domain tool WHOIS.COM, it will say that the author of the said website goes by the name of Andrea Natella - a guerrilla marketing specialist. The person is apparently advertises by means of making hoax stories,urban legends and other unorthodox method to increase traffic in a certain website. A year ago, this website was a hot topic for debates back in my hometown in Tampa. Internet marketing consultants suggest that this was another way for a site to go viral and receive a lot of hits for profit. Some say it was a trial site for a guerrilla marketing theory - which was proven later on. People thought they would really dream of THISMAN as disappointment filled the whole town of Tampa; Internet marketing specialists were actually impressed by the idea."

Erin, I am a fangirl and bestow upon you a red booth to travel whenever you choose. Be sure to let us know where and when it took you.

Vortexer Rick has launched a quarterly (paying! I know!) web-zine open to submissions starting in February from an impressively diverse genre pool. If you're interested in getting in on the ground floor of this new project, visit his blog, The Writer and the White Cat. I wish him enormous success-he deserves it after the rough year he's had dealing with overt and rampant plagiarism of his stories.

I'll be back Wednesday with more quick and potent. Until then, Arrrrrgh!


the walking man said...

Need an eye patch I have several left over?

Charles Gramlich said...

Hope your eye gets better soon.

dcrelief said...

omg! I laughed liked crazy over the Fabio videos!! That put some goose in his step.

Feel better soon [:)

Masako Gun said...

When I first saw that guy, I was honestly scared of going to sleep for the first time in my life. Turns out the whole thing was just another Guerilla marketing research concept made by this Italian guy. Seriously, nowadays people don't have to do these kinds of research. I mean, that "scaring" concept is SO last year. Nowadays, people endorse w/ viral vids and stuff.