Monday, August 30, 2010

My Prediction for the Future: A Hangover

In an attempt to inject more accuracy in what my heroine from the future believes is antiquated in the present time, I've been reading articles that tackle the future. More specifically, the technology that will be available and the things we use that will become obsolete. An October 2000 article in Discover Magazine-I know! You'd think the article, itself, would be old news, but it's not-explores twenty things that will be obsolete in twenty years. Make that ten.

Along with some pretty great line graphs that speak to my inner Geek, the list is some of what you'd expect and some you probably hadn't thought of. We all knew cordless phones, answering machines, even DVDs have one foot on the banana peel, but human signatures? Digital cameras? Insulin injections for diabetics? The possibilities fascinate me. Worth the read if you're curious, especially to know that we're at that halfway point in the projected future. It's like a Heinlein novel in progress.

Writing peeps: If you're as confused as I am about how ebooks are changing author royalties and you love, love, love graphs like I do, check out Mike Shatzkin's article.

If Monday has been a real pisser for you, pull up a stool at the Vortex bar and try the teleportation shot:
First shot:
2/3 shot Gold Tequila
1/3 shot orange juice

Second shot
2/3 shot lime juice or Roses lime
1/3 shot Bol Blue
Directions: take the first shot, immediately followed by the second.

Oh, and if anyone has the trifecta of Twitter, Blogger and Feeds expertise, and knows how they fit together harmoniously so as not to create chaos for each other, please send me an email: la-mitchell at la-mitchell dot com. Teleportation shot on me.


Charles Gramlich said...

Can I have a beer instead?

Pamela Cayne said...

Those shots remind me of the blue pill/red pill in The Matrix. (ooh, I just gave myself a crazy book idea...)

I guess my question is did you do the shots, L.A., and if so, how was your teleportation? How's Elvis?

Robin said...

I'll take those shots and see you another. ;)

Sorry I can't help harmonize your problem ~ but I'm sending fix-it vibes.

Marilyn Brant said...

It's 2 days past Monday... I *really* need those shots now ;).

I wish I knew how to unite the Twit-Blog-Feed thing. I'm lucky these days when I remember to check my own pages... Wishing you good luck.

You've definitely got me curious about the Mike Shatzkin article. Must check that out tonight!