Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All You Can Eat Time Travel

I don't do buffets. I always picture them as one of those Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom episodes where wildebeests dressed in Hawaiian prints graze over the same chicken wings their ancestors, no doubt, feasted upon. But when the awesome that is time travel linkage stacks up like beef tips and lemon meringue pie, what else could we call it? Grab your's course number one:

Instead of iceberg lettuce, try this blogspot called Time Travel Kitchen where author Jana is single-handedly reviving old-school, artery clogging goodness moms have been serving for generations, or in some cases, centuries.

Clean plate, people. It's time for a return visit to one of my favorite sites, Awkward Family Photos. Today's entree happens to be of the time travel variety. Be sure to lap it all up, the comments are almost as good as the picture.

Speaking of kitties, and hair that has escaped the server's hairnet. . .
there's another one. . .

oops. . . one more

Want something meatier? I give you a Hollywood tidbit juicier than a Salisbury steak. According to, Josh Hartnett is in talks to get an indie picture called Tomorrow off the ground by lending his star power. This time travel thriller follows a man who is "desperate to save his family on the day of their murder, but can't control the short-term time travel phenomenon he's trapped in." Production begins in Louisiana late 2010. Chew on that.

Have room for dessert? I saved my favorite for last. This may play into the hands of conspiracy theorists who believe Google will one day become so all-powerful it will floss our teeth and decode our thoughts, but I can't help the love for their newest venture: History Pin. Remember the post on Sergey Larenkov's photographs that fused old and new landmark photographs? History Pin marries social networking and photo mapping to create a digital time machine. Add the secret spice of humans telling their stories and it's better than chocolate. Almost. Here's a short vid explaning it:

Not sure about you, but I'm stuffed. This wildebeest has left the building. Speaking of which. . .

Look for a hunka hunka burning post on Friday. Elvis is a writer! Can't wait to see how he sneaks misplaced modifiers into his songs. Until then, dig in.


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