Monday, May 31, 2010

The Marketplatz of Awesome

So I've recently discovered the awesomeness that is Etsy, not just because the crafty shall inherit the Earth but because of the capacity for one marketplace to sell the gotta-haves and the absurd simultaneously. Today, I give you my tour through the Etsy archives.

The Elvis Presley Thong Panty
How many Elvis fans have swayed the demand curve on this? And his Army picture, no less! God Bless America.

Time-Traveller-Scented Eau de Toilette (4 oz. mist)
"Not for the faint of heart", according to the description, this tingly mint and thyme tag-team of fragrance will appeal to the most discerning century jumper. At least it doesn't have notes of moth balls in it.

MacGyver Duct Tape Wallet
There is a guy walking around Newton, Kansas who can attest to this wallet's longevity. Two years! I have my reservations about losing my driver's license behind all that mulleted beauty.

Time Traveler Tea-Dyed Dress
For the fashion-conscious time traveler who wants to look, well, like she's raided her nanna's trunk no matter what era she pops into. Wrist to elbow watches really sell this as an "alternative wedding dress."

Time Traveler Sea Green Glass Necklace
I am SO going to be wearing this on my Rita Award night.

Time Traveler Charm Necklace
I highlight this one for no other reason than because I am on a quest to make one of these myself. Only less...well...brown.

Mommy Loves Sawyer Toddler Shirt
Mama sure does.

Writer's Charm Bracelet
For those days when creativity feels like a manacle loaded with weighty effluvia.

X-files License Plate Tag
Pimps your ride as it screams either paranoid conspiracy theorist or someone who still lives in his parent's basement.

Alas, there are no Fabio-related crafts on Etsy. Someone needs to get right on that. And I know you typed in your version of jackpot keywords in Etsy's search box. Do tell and link us up. Let us know what great stuff you found.


Charles Gramlich said...

Although these are certainly cool and stylish, I think if I was going to be time travelling I'd want to take a long a "time traveller's blue steel Colt 45."

Marilyn Brant said...

I've never visited Etsy before, but you had me laughing with the Elvis panties, the Sawyer shirt and esp. that writer's charm bracelet. (I think its intended use is to weigh the writer down so she *can't* move away from the keyboard. :)

On the site's home page, I saw a really interesting coffee table made of circles... Bizarre, yet oddly intriguing!

laughingwolf said...

ok to view, just not my cuppa... :O lol

and what charles sez, except just in case the cold won't work 'elsewhere', i'd tote a shinken [katana] strapped to my back, as well ;)

Jen FitzGerald said...

I haven't poked around Etsy at all, buit came across these from some other surfing expedition and bookmarked it. One of these days, I'm getting an RH one.

Mini Book Necklace

Pamela Cayne said...

L.A.--when you get your RITA nom, I will buy you that necklace! (After I'm done screaming and posting many "Woo Hoo!!!" exclamations all over the web.)

So tell Anaheim that their color scheme is sea glass green!

Barbara Martin said...

It's amazing what some people will spend their money on.

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