Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's a Par-tay. I'll bring the Mullet, You Bring the DVD Player

It's Friday(almost), and I'm feeling torn. Shall I tell you about how one man successfully united a leopard bikini, a mullet and a gold timepiece? Or shall I gush over perhaps the best time travel movie that no one has ever heard of and you must see, like yesterday?

Maybe I'll do both and call it a party.

Okay, successfully is a bit of a stretch. But in his prime this guy knew how to impress the ladies. Not only is he cognizant of time, but the vapor effect in front of the electrical plug reminds us of his ability to disappear into a fog-laden temporal shift to an era where his mother told him how rad he looked.

Now, on to the movie. Yesterday was too recent. You should have seen Timecrimes two years ago. First let me say how giddy I am that has foretold of this movie's future remake for 2011 from its present foreign film status. That means Hollywood has gotten wind of its wicked loveliness and it's in development as we speak. It's the perfect suspense/thriller, sprinkled with horror on the plot skeleton of time travel. Though it is in Spanish, the producers have dubbed English voices over the dialogue and it only becomes like one of those Godzilla-OMG-their-lips-don't-match-what-they're-saying on the extreme close ups.

In the movie, a man accidentally travels to the past and meets himself, triggering a series of mysterious events that lead to a shocking crime. Oscar-nominated short-film director Nacho Vigalondo brilliantly weaves the mundane of an ordinary man's day with a gripping and intricate cautionary message: do not diddle with time travel. Watch this when you're in a quasi-intellectual mind warp mood, ala Memento. If I told you any more, leopard-bikini man would be mad.

Seriously, what was he thinking?


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm still reeling over the picture. I threw up in my mouth a little.

Marilyn Brant said...

Ack, L.A.!! I agree with Charles on that picture. It is now burned into my brain and has tremendous nightmare potential. I'm afraid to go to sleep... Glad to hear the Timecrimes news for your sake, though :).

Pamela Cayne said...

I wanted there to be a cartoon balloon over his head that said, "Why yes, the bus will be here in just a moment."

You're one sick puppy, L.A. No wonder I love you so much.

L.A. Mitchell said...

Hey, people. I was being *nice* with this. I could have asked you to write the first line of a story in which you must use both the words *banana* and *hammock* :D bwah ha ha.

I love reading other's comments under the picture, too. Funny stuff:)

the walking man said...

Laying in the hammock munching a banana was just another mundane moment until my friend InkyLuv wisped through times vortex to the now. She appeared cautioned and studious. Concern,writ large on her face when she realized that the picture she was bout to show me had an odd synchronicity with my lazy situation.

I do so love a challenge but I couldn't stop at simply the first line.

Maureen McGowan said...

Oh, I must try to find that. I wonder if there's a sub-titled version out there, too. Not big on the whole dubbed thing

Stewart Sternberg said...

I enjoy time travel stories, but sometimes they are difficult to pull off. I think my favorite was the romantic "Somewhere In Time" although I also enjoyed the H.G. Wells v. Jack The Ripper in the 1980's "Time After Time".

Don't you wish you could go back and somehow intervene with yourself. Or at least go back and leave a note or two about certain investments to make.


Time travel freaks me out! How can you be in two places at one time?

Sandra Ferguson said...

What was he thinking? That's the only thought roaming through my mind. How could anyone through this outfit on, then pose for a pic? Doesn't anyone in his family love him enough to stop him? The comments under the pic totally made my day. Thanks for this image, LA, it will be stuck in my head for days!

Happy writing.

L.A. Mitchell said...

@walkingman - are you staying you have an odd synchronicity to leopard-bikini man? lol

@Maureen - you know, I think they actually had that option on the menu, but after watching The Red Violin last week, I was kind of done with the subtitle thing for awhile.

@Kelly - welcome, Kelly! In the case of Timecrimes, he tried to retrace his original path to get back on the same timeline, but made one butterfly-effect type error and ended up fracturing the timeline again where he existed in a slightly different way. I love all the possibilities of time travel and its effects on the human condition.

@Stewart - I don't think I'd even think about money going back. It would be all about righting wrongs, for me.

@Sandra - you know me. Always happy to supply the eye candy ;)

Vesper said...

I'd love to see this movie, L.A.! I always enjoy a good paradox. :-)

the walking man said...

Uhhh Inky...I AM the man in the picture.