Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Love Therapy

I've gone back to my first love browser. Yes, we were apart for many months, but he still held on to the memories of all the places we'd explored together. Those were the days of heavy Stumble Upon dependency and reckless bookmarking. In an effort to purge a few of those memories, I offer you a linktastic foray into our broken relationship. Sometimes you may ask, "Why? Why?" To that I can only answer, "Why not?"

Kuku Klock is an online alarm clock that functions even when the internet connection has severed. Aside from the ever-impressive notion of time, for me, it was all about waking up to the Slayer guitar riff.

This link's bookmark: The Death Clock - When Am I Going to Die? peers out at me between Holiday and Seasonal Wallpapers and Charles Williams's Coffin Telephone as research for my last novel. I avoided the death clock, but knew it was ever-present in our relationship. Much like a beloved's offensive foot odor, but well, worse.

My first love browser accepted my love for cats unconditionally, linking me far beyond the i can has cheezburgers he'd shown others. He taught me the true nature of a feline.

He knew two of my passions: time travel novels and left-brained, near-OCD organization and he surprised me one day with the most treasured of gifts: a romance-genre-friendly list of recent time travels broken into subgenres of the subgenre. I can still remember the palpitations of that day.

Some of the links are broken now. The memory labeled "Arborville Station, Colorado" is dead, but we'll always have Celebrity Time Travel to remember the good times.

Revive a link from your favorites list and tell us about it here. It's like internet group therapy, with the added risk of getting RickRolled.


Pamela Cayne said...

OMG, that KuKu clock is amazing. Must have. (Ruby KuKu? Nah...)

For my link, I'll give you one of my absolute favorites, recently discovered on the Janet Reid blog:

Jen FitzGerald said...

Only one...? I'm going to cheat and do two, just because...

1) -- This has tons of article on how to do various things to Web pages using Cascading Style Sheets--yes, I can be completely nerdy that way.

2) -- a fan created Web site for the TV show JAG, my first foray into TV show obsession and, actually, my first Web site; although this is its second face to the world--yes, I am completely geeky this way, too...;)

the walking man said...

Haven't looked in on this one for well over a year and, yes it is still a good link.

Rick said...

The Death Clock??? Ouch. Ouch. Ouch Fun posting, L.A.!